Woman Notices Her Stomach Can’t Stop Growing, Scan Shows A 70-Pound Cyst Growing

When a young woman in Mexico started noticing she was gaining weight even though she was on a diet, she knew something was off.

Things got suspicious when her arms, legs and face were getting thinner and yet her stomach is growing at an alarming rate.

In less than just a year, the woman looked like she was pregnant with 10 babies. The thing is, she wasn’t expecting.

She had a scan to know what is happening within her body. The scan then revealed a rather alarming sight: the enormous belly was because of an ovarian cyst. It’s actually thought to be the largest cyst in history.

When she saw the surgeons about the cyst, it grew to a massive 70 pound tumor which was crushing her internal organs already. Because of its size, she had difficulty in moving, eating and breathing.

The woman was taken in as patient by Mexico’s General Hospital. She was handled by Dr. Erik Hanson Viana who was keen on removing the cyst in one operation.

A warning, however; this article contains some graphical surgical content which may not be suitable for all readers.

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When Dr. Erik Hanson Viana saw the patient and her enormous belly, he was stunned by its massive size.

He knew the cyst had to be taken out and he decided it should all go in one surgery only.

They could have drained the cyst first before taking it out. However, they were worried that the cyst could be cancerous and draining it could lead to other serious health problems and make the matter worse.

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Dr. Hanson said in an interview that the cyst had grown so big, it took up to 95 percent of the woman’s abdomen. This made even daily activities challenging for her.

The cyst has grown so much it measured almost 20 inches across and 61 inches around.

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“When I met her, she could just about walk a couple of steps before getting agitated and feeling like she was struggling to breathe because the cyst was crushing her lungs,” Dr. Hanson said. “If we hadn’t operated it would have gotten to the point where she wouldn’t have been able to walk, she would be severely malnourished and unable to eat. It’s hard to say how long she would have lived, but it would have been a really bad quality of life.”

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The operation took five full hours to complete and fortunately, it was successful. Dr. Hanson was able to take out the entire cyst and without puncturing it.

The patient had a long scar on her abdomen, the only sign that something was inside her. However, it’s a small price to pay as she was able to go back to her usual everyday life.

The surgeons had worked hard to take out the entire cyst.

Warning: Graphic surgical content

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Dr. Hanson then explained why the operation was extremely important for the patient.

He said: “Since the cyst had become so large, it had started to compress her intestines and was preventing her from eating. She would be full after eating a tiny bit of food and because of the cyst’s size, it was harder for food to pass from the stomach. The cyst was also compressing the two main vessels in the body since is a vein and an artery, which could have led to serious heart problems.”

The surgeons also took a photo of the huge cyst.

Warning: Graphic surgical content

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As the surgery was successful, the young woman was able to recover quickly.

“Two days after surgery, she walked out of the hospital. Before, she was used to carrying 73 lb (33kg) inside her because of the cyst, so movement was like she was levitating or walking on the moon,” Dr. Hanson said. “When we saw her six months after surgery to see how the scar was healing and monitor for other problems, she was fully healed. She was standing completely straight. She now walks like a normal person without needing a walking stick or other mobility aides, and her abdomen is now flat.”

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There are lots of women who actually suffer from ovarian cysts and they never even know it.

Ovarian cysts are actually common and they are usually painless and harmless according to WebMD.

These cysts commonly grow in women who are still getting their monthly cycles as well as pregnant females.

Normally, ovarian cysts can go away without any treatment.

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However, they can get problematic when they grow and do not go away on their own.

You can know if you have problematic ovarian cysts through these symptoms:

  • You feel pelvic pain before your monthly period begins or ends.
  • The pelvic pain is there when you have sex.
  • A pelvic pain that feels like radiating and dull ache.
  • You feel pelvic pain or pressure during bowel movements.
  • There’s a heaviness in your abdomen.
  • An unexplained pressure on your bladder occurs.
  • The inability or the difficulty of emptying your bladder completely.
  • Nausea, breast tenderness or vomiting as if you are experiencing symptoms of pregnancy.

If you are experiencing any of these and you think you have an ovarian cyst, consult your doctor immediately. If you experience sudden or severe pelvic or abdominal pain or any pain that is accompanied by fever and vomiting, seek immediate medical assistance. Share this post with your friends!

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