What Drinking 3 Liters Of Water Everyday Does To Your Body

A woman named Chelsea was one of many who had heard sentences like this many times: “Drink more water, you’ll be shining with beauty!” All those models and actresses just seem to ask “water” when asked about their beauty secret. So Chelsea decided to put this method to the test.

But first she had to know how much water would be the right amount for her. She had never quite understood the reason behind the rule of thumb (8 cups per day) when people are so different. Why should she drink the same amount as someone who was much taller or shorter than herself? She did some research on the internet and found something on WebMD: divide your body weight in pounds by two and drink this number of ounces of water. If your body weight is 200 pounds, drink 100 ounces of water a day. So this was what Chelsea did – plus a few ounces because of exercise. These were the rules:

#1 Drink the recommended amount of water per day, for one month.
#2 Add a cup or two when you exercise.
#3 Take a photo every Monday, without make-up.

This is Chelsea at the beginning of the challenge. She was curious if the dark rings under her eyes would go away.

After one week: Not much visual change, but Chelsea says that she feels a lot better. She had more energy when working out; and after a birthday party her hangover was much less noticeable.

After two weeks: Looking worse than before. Of course, she had done a vegan challenge this week, and there was a lot of stress and bad sleep. Water doesn’t seem to protect you from these things …

After three weeks: Her body starts to adjust. Her bladder can contain more water, but the spot on her cheek (been there for weeks) still doesn’t go away. Not feeling different.

After four weeks: Tired, but feeling good. The spot on the cheek got worse. The dark rings under the eyes didn’t go away; they rather got darker. She felt more thirsty, because her brain was used to the large amounts of water. Feeling not much different from the beginning of the challenge.

So, did water change her life? Not really. It doesn’t hurt to drink more water, and your organs will be thankful for it. You won’t change into a shining beauty, however.

Chelsea’s conclusions:

  • Water makes your hangover about 1000 times better.
  • Having to pee twice an hour is extremely annoying.
  • Water doesn’t turn you into a goddess floating down the streets of New York.
  • I want the money back that I spent for all those magazines promising that water would be the solution to all my problems.

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Source: Buzzfeed