New Ground-Breaking Vaccine: Hope For Acne Issues

It’s a must! Everyone should read and know this! Acne and its roots can be eliminated permanently by this new ground-breaking vaccine. This vaccine can free you for a lifetime from your acne issues.

Do you ever wonder where this acne came from?

Acne originated from ‘acme” which means “the highest point”, which also originated from “acme”, a Greek word meaning “spot” or “point”.  In 1835 the letter “m” was originally misspelled with letter “n”, making it as “acne” instead of “acme”. Acne is formed in the face and body due to poor diet and poor hygiene. For us humans, acne or pimples, as other would call it, usually appear on the back, chest, shoulder, neck, and on the face.

How do pimple forms?

A pimple begins to be developed when plug starts to break down- that is, the skin cells, sebum, and the hair cluster themselves into a plug; the bacteria causes infection into the plug which may result in swelling.

Acne: Causes

No one exactly knew what really causes acne. However, experts believe that the increase in androgen level is primarily the cause of it. Androgen is one of the types of hormone. When a human being turns into an adolescent, the androgen levels increases enabling the oil glands underneath the skin to grow; more oil is being produced by the enlarged glands. The bacteria will grow the moment the excessive sebum break down cellular walls into the pores.

In some studies, there were indications that genetic relations have something to do with the formation and the susceptibility to acne. Some also show that acne is caused by medications containing androgen and lithium. For some susceptible people, acne may be caused by greasy cosmetics. For a pregnant woman, during her pregnancy, the changes in her hormones may cause, for the first time, the development of acne or the recurrence of it.

Acne Pimples: Types

The following are the types of acne or pimples.


These are white spots on the skin that are oil glands. Because of too much oil production, these glands clogged with oil and were covered by the skin resulting to the entrapment of the oil between the skin layers because it cannot reach the surface which causes the presence of white spots.

They are very tiny and they stay underneath the skin.


These types are common and usually appear on the nose and nasal area. They look like tiny black appearing on the skin surface. They are formed because of the blocked follicles. Blackhead is not because of dirt but rather it is usually formed when the follicles were blocked by bacteria, dead skin, and other harmful substances enabling them to reach the surface of the skin.


These types are usually inflamed and appear as small bumps on the skin, usually pink. They may not be too sensitive to touch but they should not be picked because it may cause scars.


These are inflamed acne, they are hard to the touch, and their base is red while their tops have pus. They should not be picked or be burst because it can lead to permanent scar or dark spot.


These types, more severe types than the others, are larger than papules or pustules. They are rooted deep into the skin and are very painful. Only proper medical attention can cure this kind of acne and they usually require the strong use of medicines.


These types are deep, appear big, painful when touched, and pus filled. They easily create a scar on the surface of the skin.

Acne: How Common

According to Dermatologists, at some time, acne affects about three-quarters of people aged 11 to 30 years old. This proves that acne affects everyone regardless of age and race. Although, people aged 50 and above still experience this, however, acne usually targets adolescents and young adults. In the United State of America, according to Brown University, there are about 17 million Americans who are can experience acne at any one time. Although both men and women are affected by it, acne is being suffered by men longer period perhaps due to testosterone as they have this in higher quantities that may make the acne worse. Some of the areas affected by acne can be treated. However, they are parts that are hard to take care of.

The best way to avoid acne is to change one’s lifestyle and to watch foods being taken by the body. What is so heartbreaking is the fact that many people have a hard time dealing with it even if they are being cleaned every moment or they are washed with different beauty products. The reality remains that these skin issues are hard to get rid of.

Giving Hope

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Nevertheless, with the development we have now, a new research proves that nothing is impossible, that this acne problem can actually be given treatment even those that are hard to deal with. In San Diego, United States, a new vaccine is being studied by the researchers at the University of California that can permanently treat acne and its roots. The vaccine’s purpose is eliminating the bacteria that produce the development of pimples and acne.

According to Eric C. Huang, project head, in part, acne is caused by P. acnes bacteria which are present and are with us in our entire life. Such P. acne is good for us and that is the reason why we could not produce a vaccine to be used for the bacteria. Explaining their unconventional method, he added that they discovered an antibody to a toxic protein that P. acnes bacteria secrete on skin. This protein is enter-related with the inflammation that causes acne.

Even if the vaccine was only been tried on skin biopsies from patients who have acne, results were positive. The researchers said that they will soon be using the vaccine for human testing. Huang confirmed that the first phase of the trials will take one to two years.

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