Irregular Choice Launched A Unicorn-Inspired Shoe

It is unquestionable that human beings loved unicorns completely since day one in ancient Greek texts. In any case, we have searched why people always have and still love unicorns. The Unicorn Dream, a website, explains that in ancient Babylon they worshiped unicorns. Even Aristotle and the works of Pliny the Elder found time to talk and write about them. Yes, once upon a time people believed unicorns exist. But reality knocks unicorns are nowhere to be found not even in a kingdom far, far away. However, even in the loss of unicorn, someone made shoes that surely you will love if you are fond of unicorns and of course since the world loves unicorn. Irregular Choice gave us a unicorn-inspired shoe line.

What do you think? Is it a horrible idea or is it amazingly good?



This shoe is £109 if retail with its shiny appearance and it’s being colorful like a unicorn. And £130 for this “Candy Damsel” with lots of glitters.




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Source: The Huffington Post