How To Take Postcard-Worthy Photos With Your Smartphone

Take these tips with you on your next vacation to step up your photography game!

Identify The Focal Point Of Your Photo


To photograph an interesting landscape, you need to choose a focal point in your picture. It can be anything from a famous landmark, the person you’re traveling with, or even a tree in the background. The goal of the focal point is to command your audience’s attention and draw them interested. At times, having an interesting focal point can even add an element of mystery or story that will increase the impact of your photo.

Make Sure That It Has A Sense Of Depth


It’s common to be disappointed when a landscape does not transpire beautifully in your photos. So, in order to make sure that you indeed capture a landscape beautifully, you must create a sense of depth. To do this, you can direct the focus of your picture towards an object or a person in your foreground. Having a sense of depth will make your picture more dimensional and interesting to the eyes. Photographer Cotton Coulson even once told National Geographic that “it’s always good to try to include a person or object in your scene to give a sense of scale.”

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Find The Best Angle


If your photo features way too many elements, it could appear chaotic and overwhelming. To avoid this, it’s best that you opt for a clean background and direct the focus on a single element. If the photo you are trying to take seems too busy or cluttered, try taking it from a different angle. Experimenting with your angles allows you to be more creative. In fact, some of the best photos are taken from angles you’d least expect. For starters, try tilting your camera below or above instead of just keeping it flat.

Great Lighting Is Key


Lighting plays a big role in your photos. For example, the colors in your photograph will appear much warmer during sunrise or sunset. You can also expect more shadows when you take photos at these times of the day. On the other hand, a gloomy or overcast weather will give your photo a dramatic flair. Due to the lack of natural light, your photo becomes more interesting because of the dramatic backdrop.

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Try To Position Yourself In Front Of The Sun


Since great lighting is crucial to make a beautiful photo, make sure you know how to position your subject when directly under the sun. When the sun is behind you when capturing a landscape, your photo will surely transpire beautifully, as the sun provides good and flattering lighting. However, this is not applicable when your subject is a person. Try to avoid photographing a person under direct sunlight to avoid squinting and unflattering shadows.

Have A Steady Arm


Having a tripod is great but a hassle to lug around, especially when you’re traveling from city to city or when hiking and such. Thus, it pays to have a steady arm that you can take photos with. Try holding your phone with one hand and use the other one to click away. This avoids blurry images and improves the clarity of your photo. If all else fails, try to place a solid object under your phone to help stabilize your arm.

Have A Stream Of Photo Apps Ready


Don’t forget to edit and make final tweaks before you post a photo on your social media accounts. Post-production can sometimes be overlooked despite it being one of the most vital aspects of photography. There are many apps available for your smartphone to help you enhance your image. The basic ones usually allow you to manipulate the lighting, exposure, and coloring of your image. If you’re looking for something specifically designed for landscape photos, try Pro HDR X, which delivers perfectly exposed landscape pictures.

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Source: Reader’s Digest