Tomi Lahren Was Suspended From Her Show For Being Pro-Choice

Conservative talk show host Tomi Lahren has reportedly been suspended from her TV show on The Blaze, after she recently admitted that she supports abortion rights, leading to great controversy with fans.

As reported by the Daily Caller, Lahren, who has gained viral fame for her scathing remarks regarding liberals, millennials and others, got suspended for a week.

The 24-year-old’s contract with the network is scheduled to end in September, and “multiple sources” claim that she may leave the network earlier than that.

Leon Wolf, the managing editor of the network, shared with the Daily Beast that staffers was informed that Lahren’s show would not be in production for one whole week.

However, he was careful not to use the term “suspended.”

Lahren made her controversial comments during her appearance on The View, telling people that to believe in limited government but be against abortion rights would make her a “hypocrite.”

“You know what? I’m for limited government, so stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well,” she said.

Her comments inevitably drew the ire of many conservative fans. Many of them were outraged that she would support abortion rights.

These conservatives said that they would no longer be supporting her TV show.

One of her main detractors was Matt Walsh, a columnist who actually works with Lahren at The Blaze. He said that Lahren is actually the one who is a “hypocrite.”

The Blaze nor Lahren have remained very mum on the issue of her supposed suspension. However, Lahren has been dropping some subtle tweets since her episode aired.

In one tweet, she shared a clip of The View hosts as they defended her for speaking out her opinion. “Interesting,” she wrote.

In another post, she suggested she would not be working on her TV show.

On his radio show, The Blaze founder Glenn Beck mentioned that he would not stop a person who supported abortion rights from working in his company.

Source: Glenn Beck

“First of all, we have a whole bunch of different kinds of people that work here…If you’re pro-choice, you can have a job at The Blaze,” he said.

However, he also said that he disagreed with Lahren’s comments that conservatives who are anti-abortion are actually “hypocrites.” He also cited passages from the US Constitution, which he believed backed up the validity of his argument.

“I would disagree that you’re a hypocrite if you want limited government and yet you want the government to protect life of the unborn,” he said. “It’s very, very clear. But it takes intellectual honesty, and it takes a willingness to actually think these things through and to do more than just read Twitter or Facebook to get your news and your political opinions.”

He didn’t directly speak up about Lahren’s future at the network. Share this post with your friends!

Source: Buzzfeed