Doctors Think She Is Five Months Pregnant – Despite Being A Virgin. But …

Most moms know this feeling: pregnancy comes with feeling bloated, discomfort, and mood swings. It is a time between happiness and sadness, between crying and laughing. You should think that every woman notices that she’s pregnant – but many times, everyday life and stress at work drown the signals of your body. When 18-year-old Riley Benado went to see her doctor about some health problems, she never imagined what the diagnosis would be. She was declared pregnant – despite being a virgin!

via Riley Benado

Her belly looked like she was five months pregnant. But when the doctors examined her more closely, they discovered a tumor that had affected both of her ovaries. It had started with one ovary and grown to be 11 inches in diameter, until it had spread to the other one. Riley and her family started a fund-raising site because they couldn’t pay for her treatment. And who would have thought that she would have to fight such an illness at only 18 years of age? She had always wanted children, a family. The news that she would never have children of her own almost killed her. Ten days after her first doctor’s appointment the diagnosis was clear: stage three ovarian cancer. Two days later, Riley underwent surgery to remove the tumors, her ovaries and her uterus.

But when she woke up, she was told that, along with all her tumors, the only organs that had to be removed were one ovary and her appendix. She and her family call this outcome a “miracle” – Riley might be able to have her own children after all!

Today, Riley is a cancer survivor. This was only possible thanks to the many people made donations and were at her side through her ordeal. Share this post to give other cancer patients hope!

Source: RileyBenado