These 17 Photos That Will Give You Relationship Goals

While reading these, there will be a smile all over your face or tears running down on your face.

1. This couple is matched.

2.  Personal hype man for his girlfriend.

3.  “Best Husband” award for your husband.

4.  Your parents’ Jeopardy time.

5.  This cat couple.

6.  When your parents drunk-flirt with each other.

7.  The simple girl who has shallow happiness is love.

8.  The endearing proposal.

9.  My grandpa has a date.

10.  The parents who still keep their love letters since day one.

11.  The mom who snapchats.

12.  The caring Boyfriend.

13.  The happy parents.

14.  Lil’ Jeremy found a new lover.

15.  Girlfriend’s clever idea.

16.  Giving herself a gift.

17.  The person who says “I love me”.

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Source: Buzzfeed