New Tasty Peeps Oreos

The new Peeps Oreos are giving you an Easter surprise of the special kind – as BuzzFeed has found out, they turn your poop bright pink. The limited edition sandwich cookies contain Red No. 3 (Erythrosine), which turns your tongue and saliva pink for some hours after eating – and as it appears now, the color even survives the digestion process.

For some people this might be a reason to not try the Peeps Oreos – for others, it might be the opposite. Don’t worry, the food coloring doesn’t make the cookies more dangerous for your health than any other sugar-laded sweets. There are even some natural foods that can make your poop look quite unusual, like beets. On the other hand, cleaning your toilet (if you don’t want it to remain pink) might be a challenge.

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Source: MentalFloss