A High Five Gone Wrong In An Interview With Nicole Richie

An interviewer’s job is to interview a person involved in a certain topic and sometimes it is mandatory to interview a celebrity even if they make them nervous and everything. They became self-conscious with their choice of words, what to ask and most of all their action because they are so tense and nervous. In that short period of time, there are many possible things that may happen against your will. For instance, Cat Greenleaf, a host of Talk Stoop, slap her interviewee, Nicole Richie, on air accidentally. Imagine, how many people watching that time and you surprisingly that you end up in a disastrous time and place.

Greenleaf accidentally smacks Nicole’s face when they tried giving high five to each other in an interview. Or maybe the interviewer miscalculate the force she put in her high five. In three seconds, there is silence and drama occupying the air between the two. As they realized something, Greenleaf grasped the truth that she just did smack Nicole Richie’s face and Nicole realized it too that the interviewer accidentally slaps her in the face. Watch this videos as Greenleaf smacks Nicole Richie’s face that made Nicole’s sunglasses fly off in a blink of an eye.

If you want to know more about this interview or the whole interview with Nicole share about her new show “Great News”. And you can watch it below, if you crave for slow-mo of the disastrous incident.

VIA Youtube


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