Dog Struggles To Bring Large Branch Inside

Most dogs love playing with random objects: fetching them, chewing on them, or just carrying them around. One of the all time favorites are sticks and branches. But when Millie the “beabull” (a mix between a beagle and a bulldog) tries to bring her new treasure into the house, she encounters a slight problem. You see, the sliding door is only partially opened, and the branch is longer than the opening is wide.

Millie realizes that she can’t get into the house with the stick in her mouth, which is when she starts to think and consider different solutions. She tries dropping the stick, going inside without it, and then pulling it inside. When this attempt fails, she tries to get her human to help, who however is busy filming the whole process. But the sweet dog doesn’t give up. She continues to try different strategies to reach her goal. Will she succeed? Watch the clip below and find out!

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Source: LittleThings