Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Reveal The Story Of Their Marriage

When country music star Carrie Underwood and hockey heartthrob Mike Fisher got married 11 years ago, it was obvious that there would be difficulties to overcome. Both of them lead busy lives, travel a lot and work even more. But they kept to their firm belief that the love they had for each other would help them through all hard times that might be before them. And they were not alone in this – Mike’s general manager turned out to be very helpful.

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During his 11th season with the Ottawa Senators, general manager Bryan Murray asked Mike into his office. Mike was immediately worried, thinking that he might be traded – which indeed turned out to be true. But the reason was not that Mike’s performance wasn’t good enough; the manager wanted Mike to get closer to his wife! So he made arrangements for Mike to go to Nashville. He could hardly believe what he was hearing.

The other team members had become like a family to him, so understandably he was sad to leave. On the other hand, he knew that this trade would be worth it in the end. Today, eleven years later, he and Carrie Underwood have a two-year-old son named Isaiah, and live in a happy relationship with each other. It hadn’t been easy for them as newly-weds, living in two different cities and constantly traveling back and forth between Ottawa and Nashville.

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Mike could have been traded to any one of 28 cities, but his manager chose Nashville so that he could be with his wife. What a blessing that man is! As the captain of the Nashville Predators, he has been able to spend a lot more time with his wife and now his son. The two also have a lot more opportunities to attend his games. And it’s certainly wonderful for little Isaiah to see his dad playing hockey. Share this post with your friends!

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