Mental Disorders Break Down Through Comics Strip

Mental disorders are still not much talked about even to this day when it’s quite the issue we need to tackle. There’s this stigma surrounding these conditions and much worse, these have been romanticized to the point where it’s not even taken seriously.

People suffering from a mental condition is basically like those people suffering from physical conditions. However, it’s the brain that is somehow damaged, making the symptoms invisible to the naked eye but very much present almost every day for the sufferer. This is why a lot of people, those who have healthy mental wellness are not as convinced that they are actually “suffering.” Because of the prejudice, many patients stop asking for help, even from professionals.

However, it is time to stop the stigma and to dive into what really happens when these mental disorders arise. Here are funny but rather very true representations of how it is to live life with a mental health issue:

Social Anxiety Disorder

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It’s basically one of the most romanticized and misunderstood mental health disorders. Disturbingly, it’s also common among the mental health issues. It is described as the extreme fear of being judged or scrutinized by others in a social or performance situations. Even small actions such as standing up and picking something, asking for permission or going to the bathroom is enough to make a person’s knees to quiver and their insides to create chaos. Worst, it can significantly interfere with daily routines.

OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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Unlike what the majority thinks, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD is much more than being just clean and organized. It affects people who get trapped in a cycle of obsession and compulsions. Obsessions are the intrusive and unwanted thoughts, images or urges that cause distress when they are not fulfilled. On the other hand, compulsion is the behavior that a person does to attempt to get rid of their obsession or to at least try to lessen their distress.


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“You’re so bipolar!” or “I’m so moody, I must be bipolar!” These are the common words we hear from people of all walks of life and ages. However, these are pretty much romanticized version of the real threat. Bipolar disorder can be any of four types and each one has their own characteristics. Generally speaking though, bipolar disorder is a brain disorder that causes shifts in moods, energy, activities and the ability to carry out daily tasks. Unlike mood changes, the shift in bipolar disorder can be extreme. One moment you can be extremely happy and then suddenly, most of the time without even a trigger, you just feel extremely down or sad.



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Probably the most misunderstood of all the mental health issues, depression is often seen as an emotion rather than a problem. For the common people, depression is when they are feeling extremely sad or hopeless. Although these are also clear signs of depression, this issue dives deeper into the human emotion, making you feel down, hopeless, guilty and self-hate all in one moment while making you feel a whole lot like nothing; like you’re empty. Worst case scenario of depression often leads to suicide or suicide attempts.

Those who are experiencing depression have brains that are unable to regularly and continuously produce the “happy hormones”.

ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder

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Another commonly misunderstood mental health issue is the ADD or the Attention Deficit Disorder. It’s also commonly thought to only attack kids. However, even adults could suffer from this mental health issue.

It is an issue that affects the way you focus and your attention. Those who suffer from this are people who often can’t do anything for long, thus making it hard for them to continue with their daily jobs. It affects the person’s daily life and even personal relationships.

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Source: DamnLOL