30 Meaningful Tattoos That Are Pretty At The Same Time

#1 Gibu Auja

An ancient rune, dating back to the 5th century, that is said to bring good fortune.

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#2 Ad astra per aspera

A Latin phrase meaning “through difficulties to the stars”.

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#3 The Malin Symbol

This Swedish symbol means that setbacks are often what brings you forward in life.

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#4 The Vegvisir

An old Icelandic compass – signifying that you will never lose your way.

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#5 Swallows

For sailors, swallows are associated with the approach of dry land; they are also symbols of love, because they mate for life.

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#6 The Moon Cycle

The moon is a symbol of the feminine, the subconscious, and the mystical; it also stands for the up and down of life.

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#7 Meraki

This Greek word can’t be simply translated; its meaning has to do with love, creativity, and passion.

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#8 Alchemy symbol for copper

Copper is associated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, because it was used for mirrors before glass became widely available. Aphrodite stands for beauty, femininity, and creativity.

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#9 The Compass

It is meant to symbolically show you the way.

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#10 The Hamsa

The Middle Eastern symbol for the hand of God is said to protect the bearer and bring happiness and good fortune.

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#11 Clock or Pocketwatch

The clock is ticking – this tattoo is a reminder that life is short, so live every minute to the fullest.

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#12 The Phoenix

Never give up after a defeat – just like a phoenix who rises from the ashes.

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#13 Stars

The light piercing through the darkest night, stars are a symbol of hope.

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#14 A Tiger

Tigers are beautiful and graceful, yet cool and dangerous – to be admired, and not to be messed with.

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#15 Yin and Yang

This symbol is popular in Eastern philosophy, symbolizing the harmony and balance of all things contrasting.

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#16 An Elephant

Elephants are strong but gentle, determined yet patient, steady and loyal.

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#17 Ankh

The Egyptian symbol of life is ideal for everyone who loves theirs.

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#18 The Eye of Horus

In ancient Egypt, this was a symbol of healing and protection.

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#19 Koi

These fish are known for their ability to swim against strong currents, and symbolize the strength to fight through all adversities.

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#20 Lotus

Lotus flowers grow even in the dirtiest environments. Take them as your role model and flourish wherever life carries you.

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#21 A Feather

Feathers can have lots of different meanings. They are beautiful, they fly above all troubles, and they indicate a free spirit.

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#22 An Anchor

Anchors help you to stay firm and steady, no matter how much you’re getting thrown around by the stormy sea.

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#23 The Zia Sun

This sacred symbol of the native Mexicans symbolizes the four directions, four seasons, four stages of life, and four elements; the circle in the middle connects them all.

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#24 Butterflies

The butterfly is a symbol of rebirth, of change, and of becoming stronger and more beautiful after a hard time.

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#25 The Thunderbird

It is a mysterious creature believed in by some Native American tribes. Thunder, the call of the thunder bird, would ensure victory in battle.

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#26 Acorns

During the Norman conquest, acorns were considered good omens by the English. They are small, but can grow into strong trees that tower over us and outlive us all.

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#27 The Caduceus

The wings represent the wings of the Roman/Greek messenger of the gods, Mercury/Hermes, while the intertwining snakes stand for the balance of opposites, much like Yin and Yang. Over the years, the symbol has come to be associated with good health, explaining its usage in medicine.

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#28 Three Keys

There is a legend that three keys worn together will unlock the doors to health, wealth, and love.

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#29 Skulls

Since ancient times, skulls are supposed to ward off evil or illness – and they look badass.

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#30 Bamboo

In Chinese culture, bamboo is often associated with longevity; because it is flexible, it will survive the strongest winds, bowing down and standing up again.

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