Everyone On Facebook Can’t Answer This Math Equation! Can You?

Blame it all on Randall Jones for creating this chaos. He claims to have over a million of Facebook users frustrated and perplexed on how to solve this math equation. This may bring back a few daunting memories of excruciating math classes. But before you say a firm no to anything math-related, take a peek of these equations and see if your arithmetic skills have improved. Check it out below and give it a shot, you just might find yourself a math wiz!

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Apparently, only one among a thousand people can give the correct answer. Are you one of them? If yes, then good for you! Gone are the days when just the mere sight of numbers make you want to hurl. Maybe you’re having a little difficulty? Don’t worry, these equations are made to make your head hurt a little. If you’re curious about how to actually solve this tricky problem, our friends from the Telegraph can gladly give you a hand!

via Bitecharge

Yup, that’s how you solve it! Successfully solved this challenging math equation? You’re probably a math genius! If you, unfortunately, weren’t able to solve it, don’t fret! These equations are meant to make your head ache a little bit. This is to help your brain develop even more to help you in solving other problems that may or may not be of mathematical nature. Try to check out more math equations like this and you’ll see your skills improve soon! Share this post with your friends!

Source: Bitecharge