Man Dies Alone In His House, Pastor Finds A Heartbreaking Scene

Living isolated and all alone, a man from Salem, VA also spent his last breaths on his own. He had no family and no friends, only a cat living with him and that was how he was found dead.

Pastor Thomas William McCracken III then enters the picture as he agreed to serve as executor to the deceased man’s estate. It was a cabin in the woods, seemingly normal on the outside. It was in December 2016 when Pastor McCracken first went inside the house to explore it, hoping to record his tour, only to come out moments later unable to hit the recorder. “What I found inside, I was not prepared for,” the pastor said.

Pastor McCracken decided to cut short his initial visit to the man’s house as he was heartbroken by what he saw. He was only in the man’s living quarters when he decided to go out and come back the next day. He said that he needed to have a sleep first and then come back in the morning to make sure he is more emotionally stable to go through the whole house.

When he got back, he was able to put everything on record and then shared his expedition with Facebook. The video showed the quality of life the man was living and how an isolated and alone life was for him. It was after a couple of days after his death when his body was found.

According to the pastor, his experience has shed some light on a societal and cultural problem of not extending our “circle of influence” for people who are not what we think are like us. “I hope that it shakes you and wakes you as it has done me,” Pastor McCracken said to the camera.

He also said that it was not the first time that he has seen dire situations. In his years of service and missions, he was able to see situations like that in person. However, the condition of the man’s home was enough to break his heart even more than what he has seen before.

In the clip that the minister took, he explored the guest room, living quarters, kitchen, entertainment center, storage and the bedroom where he believes the man’s body was found. For the last room, the man’s bathroom, the pastor took a second to say that it was the most heartbreaking place of all, perhaps what could really shed some light to outsiders how the man lived.

The experience ignited something in the pastor to take action. He said that in January 2017, he would be finding more people like the man and help them before it’s too late. Pastor McCracken also relieved the moments when his congregation was singing praises to God and the life of Jesus in high-tech sound systems and a more stable place, unaware that the man’s house was only a walking distance from them.

The powerful video inspires us to help others living in such situations and to try our best not to let anyone live and die alone and lonely.

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Posted by Thomas William McCracken III on Freitag, 2. Dezember 2016

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