Man Tries To Pick Up A Lioness’ Cub And Her Reaction Will Amaze You

Trying to get close to a lion or a lioness could be dangerous. But you will be in a much more dangerous situation if you try to pick a cub while the mother is near. In fact, you could get injured very badly or you can even die. However, this one guy has an amazing relationship with a lion that he can do almost anything without anything happening to him.

A lioness has a high level of respect and trust for Kevin Richardson that when you see their interaction, you will be extremely amazed by what you will see. In fact, Richardson can be playful and cuddly with the lioness and all she would do is take back the same level of playfulness to him. Their relationship is even taken to another level higher as Richardson picks up the lioness’ cub and nothing happens. Even the lion cub looks happy and content being held and cuddled by the man.

However, this isn’t actually new to Richardson and to people who know him. The man was actually dubbed as “The Lion Whisperer” because of his ability to “talk” to lions and make them tame around him. He is a South African animal behaviorist and so his ability to make untamed animals of Africa tame around him is pretty much helping with his job.

Richardson has been known throughout the world because of his incredible work and his connection with animals, especially with lions. As soon as they see him, they would come running towards him and knock him on the ground only to cuddle and play with him. The same reaction is evident with other animals of the wild such as hyenas and jaguars.

He can pretty much play and walk around them and even lay down with them unharmed and these animals look extremely content and calm around him. Watch this amazing video of Richardson playing with a lioness and her cub and you can see the amazing relationship and connection they have with each other:

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Source: The Meow Post