Man Catches Girlfriend Sleeping With Another Man, Kept His Cool And Took Selfies With Them Instead

I am not sure whether or not he should be applauded for his relaxed and yet totally savage “move” to get even with his cheating girlfriend. Perhaps the fact that he didn’t choose to go berserk and smash the heck out of the snoozing dude sleeping next to his girlfriend. He is rather to be credited for a well-done rage control. The point here is the fact that his girlfriend cheated on him. Added to the heart-wrenching discovery is evident in the bed she shares with her REAL boyfriend.

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But if you were in his shoes? What would you do if you find your partner fast asleep as a skunk with another person in your bed? In most cases, it’s going to be Rambo about to erupt and who knows where else that could lead. It could either become dramatic with all the yelling, pulling and crying, —even hauling of clothes out of the closet.


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—Or, drag your partner into the car and drive off the nearest bridge to throw the bitch off. Whatever you’d do in such a situation, one thing that wouldn’t even cross your mind is to take a selfie with the heedless cheaters. But believe it or not, that’s exactly what a cheated boyfriend did he caught his (now ex) girlfriend asleep with another man. Talk about selfie innovation, right?

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Duston Holloway made an utterly and unlikely solution to strike back against his cheating girlfriend without the use of violence. He took not one, not two, not three but four pictures of the pair dead-as-a-doornail douchebags with him on it the snapshots. The 23-year-old man from Killeen, Texas, posted the photos on Facebook with captions, “When you come home to another man in your bed with the one you loved!” “Good men deserve good women.”

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For some reason, Duston decided that was enough show to teach his girlfriend a lesson and took down the photos. However, it was publicized long enough for others to download photos and share the story that since gone viral across various social media platforms. It didn’t take long for people to take notice and express what they think about the hilarious selfies.

Some showed their support while others weren’t so impressed but rather turned off by it. One comment states,

I honestly understand the standpoint of those who disliked Duston Holloway’s exposé. However, if we take it into a perspective as to why Duston had exposed his girlfriend worldwide. Unless if we choose to be oblivious, it looks like the majority have somehow, all agreed that if you can’t resist the temptation of doing something absolutely wrong, cover your tracks properly.


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Although not everyone was pleased by the actions he has chosen to take, what followed are waves of different comments from those who believed that he did what his cheating girlfriend deserves. One commenter even stated that she did put similar approach to her cheating husband.

“The exact same happened to me I caught my husband with another woman I went downstairs to kitchen and made a cup of tea lol X” — Abigayle Bartaby

Awesome not many could of handle that the way you did. You are a true strong man I take my hat off to you!!! You used the correct head to think with great job. Bless you I wish you well. — Gladyz Vanzant

Another commenter (whom I think a mother) has said one of the best things so far, among those who extended their admiration of Duston calm proposition.

You deserve much better than what you received. You are the kind of man mon’s would want to be with their daughter and your ex is the kind of girl mom’s hope their daughters will not become.
— Dodi Reesman

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