21 Things For People Who Are Head-Over-Heels In Love With Avocados

Here are 21 things you would go crazy about if you no-doubt love avocados, because let’s face it… they are an absolute blessing from above!

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1. Be proud of the thing you love most! Wear this cute mini dress with matching hat any day you want, plus it’s trendy!

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Want the dress? Purchase it at Millie Hall on Etsy for $74.66!

2. Maybe you are tired of seeing your true love turn brown and gross. This keeper will do its best to stop that from happening and protect your avocados!

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Get it from Amazon for only $7.11!

3. Experience an amazing at-home spa treatment with this avobath bomb.

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Pamper yourself now! Get it from Lush for only $6.75.

4. You are going to love this cute little patch on your bag during your next Chipotle visits.

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Want it? Purchase it at STATE for only $6.50.

5. Now THIS is a wrapper fit for any occasion.

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What a beauty, right? Purchase it from bevebylaurenfish on Etsy for $4.

6. C’mon, anybody will love this punny card!

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Get this card from Millie Hall on Etsy for $5.11.

7. Get a good night sleep with this avocado pillow!

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Get it now from gal ashkenazi on Redbubble for $20.

8. Summer time? Sit back and relax on this avocado float. Note: Cute guy not included upon purchase.


Image: Amazon

It’s only $24.99 from Amazon!

9. You will surely love this 3-in-1 slicer! Never settle for less when it comes to avocado.

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Like it? Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

10. No shame in wearing this adorable tank top to the gym. Express your love for healthy food and working out!

Image: activeapparel

Get this tank top from Activate Apparel for $21.75.

11. Turn heads with what will become your favorite pair of leggings. Don’t miss the chance of wearing this to the gym!

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Get it from The Power of Greyskull on Etsy for $51.36.

12. Make your walls Instagram worthy while expressing your love for avocados with this wonderful garland.

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Turn it up a notch and get it from LaLaFeltDesign on Etsy for $12.

13. Need enough storage for about anything? This pouch is perfect for whatever you’d want to put in it like pens, makeup, and extra money for guacs.

Image: redbubble

You can purchase this pouch from balgrittella on Redbubble for $23.83.

14. This mug will pretty much remind you every morning your relationship status. You don’t need no one but avocados.

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You’ll be reminded of your love for your avos everyday! Get it on Paper Plane on Etsy for $12.78.

15. Start growing trees with this Tree Starter Kit. Don’t throw your avocado pits! Keep them and grow new ones to save both money and the environment.

Image: uncommongoods

Purchase it from Uncommon Goods for $20.

16. Give your fellow Avocado lover this cute little key chain, or better yet, clip it onto your own house or car keys.

Image: shop.nylon.com

Get this key chain from Nylon for only  $14.

17. This Pregnancy Card is perfect for a mommy-to-be.

Image: Etsy

Lovely, right? Get it from PinxeStudio on Etsy for only $4.38.

18. Talking about pregnancy, why not get this cute onesie for their future avocado fanatic, too?

Image: Etsy

Purchase it from Milk Basics on Etsy for $16.95.

19. You will surely love this avocado eraser and pit pencil sharpener. It’s not even a want anymore. It’s a need.

Image: us.asos.com

What are you waiting for? Get it from Asos for $15.50.

20. This Avocado oil lip balm will not only keep your lips feeling soft and kissable, it will also make your mouth feel ready to eat your favorite guac.

Image: etsy.com

Get it from PulpOrganicBeauty on Etsy for $3.

21. Last but not the least, this removable wallpaper will take your love for avos to the next level!

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You can get this wallpaper from Kate Zaremba Company on Etsy for only $36.

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