Mother’s Day Surprise Leaves Lisa Hidalgo In Tears

Mother’s Day has come and gone, and it has held many surprises for mothers and daughters. For newscaster Lisa Hidalgo it got so emotional that she started to cry on camera! It was in the week before Mother’s Day that the local news station Denver7 decided to do something special. They reached out to the newscasters’ mothers and recorded some interviews. Among them was Lisa’s mother, Barb Kershenstein.

When Connor Wist asked Barb about being Lisa’s mom, she told him quite a few stories – and even showed him some embarrassing pictures of her! The video was shown live on-air while Lisa was standing at the news desk; but nobody expected her to be so touched by her mother’s words. The interview included a message to her daughter: “I love you so very, very much – you know that. You’ve been a treat in my life, a joy in my life, and hopefully we’ll have many, many years together.” And this was when Lisa couldn’t hold her tears any longer … watch the heartwarming video below!

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Source: LittleThings