Top Seven Sex Positions that Will Make All Lazy Girls Go Wild

A lot of people feel uncomfortable talking about sex. But truth is, sex is one of the most interesting topics to talk about, and perhaps, one of the most enjoyable activities to do with our partner, and is a crucial part of having a solid connection, yet in some cases it is hard to be in the mood when you are experiencing one of those lazy evenings that moving around is just too difficult to do. Nonetheless, that does not necessarily mean that a hot and erotic tryst needs to be neglected and ignored. This article presents the seven sex positions that will take care of your passionate and romantic sexual business without having to exert a lot of efforts.



The man-on-top position or the missionary position is, for the most part, a sex position in which a woman lies on her back while the man is on top of her. Facing each other, the couple participates in sexual activity or sexual intercourse. The missionary position is most frequently chosen by couples who appreciate the sentimental parts of adequate skin-to-skin contact and chances to gaze into one another’s eyes and render smooches and caresses to each other.

The position is likewise accepted to be an excellent position for reproduction. In the course of sexual activity, the missionary position permits the man to assume responsibility for the mood and profundity of pelvic pushing. It is additionally workable for the woman to push against him by moving her hips or pushing her feet against the bed, or pressing him nearer with her arms or legs. The position is less appropriate for late phases of pregnancy, or when it is recommended for the woman to have more prominent control over depth of penetration and rhythm. The missionary position is the most preferred position because it only requires one of you to truly apply any exertion. At the point when all else comes up short, this position can be used to lay back and appreciate the ride.


The Face-Off position is a decent mix of oral incitement in both ways. The Face-Off position necessitates a certain level of adaptability for the woman. She has to twist her body around and grab the man’s balls and shaft to give a blow job. While on a sitting position, decide which part of her body to lick, whether it will be her vagina or her butt. Some couples cannot maintain this position for quite a while because the blood rushes to the head and it can be very uncomfortable for her.

If you are considering doing the missionary position tonight, be sure to wash up your genitals thoroughly. Another alternative way of missionary face-off is performed by sitting on a chair or by sitting at the edge of the bed. With the woman’s face to the man, the woman sits on the lap. In this alternative face-off position, the woman takes control of the depth and the angle of thrust and entry. This sitting position offers support. Hence, it is an ideal position when engaging in a marathon sex. Let the woman’s fingers do the talk. Once in a sitting position, the woman can position her hands anywhere on the man’s body to spark up the sexual intercourse and make it more interesting. Another interesting activity is for the woman to crawl on a steady and enticing motion on top of the man while the man watches the woman bone and not have to leave the couch at all.

Standing to Seated Position

This highly intimate sex position necessitates a woman to lie on her back on a surface that is as high as the waist level and wrap the legs around the man’s middle back. The standing to seated position empowers a slower pace compared to the Necklace position, with loads of eye contact as well as profound, satisfying penetration.

The standing to seated position, otherwise known as the plough, is a significantly relaxing position for the woman with provocative views for the man. Both partners have control over the intensity and pace of sex as well as the eye to eye viewpoint permits for talking, kissing, romance, and laughing. Nonetheless, if the surface on which the woman is lying on is excessively low, the man should bend or crouch and it will end up noticeably awkward for the man relatively quickly. If you wish to get naughty but do not have any desire to manage any of that annoying moving around, position yourself at the edge of the bed, and allow the man to stand and do the work.

Downward Dog

The downward dog is an astounding variety of the great doggy style. It is really comparable except for the way that as opposed to being on her knees, the woman lies on the bed facing down, with her knees somewhat bent and her hips raised with a pad under her abs to give a more intense point to her hips. At that point, the man enters her from behind, which permits for a more profound penetration. It is critical to remember that a man must utilize shallower thrusts rather than more profound ones.

The downward is an alternate kind of penetration from customary missionary position and permits the penis to hit the G-spot better, which should be found some place along the front vaginal divider. Likewise, if a woman is bent on her knees, it additionally permits space for stimulation of the clitoris with the hand. During pregnancies, the downward dog position is more advantageous for the female partner in light of the fact that there’s no weight on the abdomen.

This downward dog position is frequently connected with unpleasant sex and very well-known with women who even in this populist age need a man’s man every once in a while. Notwithstanding, the position is considered to be less personal in light of the fact that there’s no eye contact. Likewise, a number of women are not happy on the grounds that it leaves them in a somewhat defenseless position. The degree and point of penetration can also be painful for some few people.


The spoon position is probably the most loved position to fall asleep in. That is because right after the tiring sex, this will allow the woman to just fall asleep with the man’s penis still inside her. To perform this position, the woman simply has to lie on her side and let the exciting moments start. In the spoons cuddling position, one partner lies on one agree with knees bowed while the other partner lies with his or her front squeezed against their back.

The spoons cuddling position is not constrained to two individuals. In the sex position, the accepting partner would be in the internal spoon position and the penetrator is in the external spoon in readiness for back section penetration. For penetration, the partners may isolate their abdominal areas, with simply the pelvises connecting, and the partners’ legs can likewise lie on top of each other. On the other hand, the receiving partner may lift the upper knee to consider less demanding penetration.

During heterosexual intercourse, the partner performing the penetration can touch the woman’s abdominal area and perform breast stimulation, or stimulation of the back of the neck and ears, and clitoris. The woman can likewise stimulate her own clitoris if she wishes to or her partner’s scrotum. Furthermore, the penis can stimulate the frontal part of the vagina and may fortify a zone that is otherwise named the G-spot. Together with the doggy style position, the spoon position might be the best position from which to stimulate the G-spot.


This variety of the lap dance movement enables the woman to utilize the man as a seat – an exceptionally sweaty, romantic, and energized chair. This sex position is useful particularly for the stimulation of the G-spot while the woman uses her hands to massage and stroke the perineum or the scrotum. The man can likewise encourage the woman to bring her knees nearer her chest, assisting her feet on the bed for a much deeper penetration.

David Copperfield

Receiving oral stimulation from a partner is highly invigorating and effortless. The David Copperfield Sex Position or the Copperfield Sex Position is considered to be one of the conspicuous sex positions in that can be performed in the cunnilingus sex position.

If you are a man who likes giving your woman an oral, then you can perform this on the next level by ensuring the right and effective position. You can enhance comfort by placing a pad under her butt. As the man plunges into the woman, he should lift her legs up and let them rest comfortably on your back or shoulder bones.

For added pleasure, utilize your hands to stroke her body, let it play from her breasts down to her sweet spots. You may likewise extend her pubic skin somewhat higher to uncover her clitoris. As the man licks the vulva, he should also insert his middle finger into her vagina and give that G-spot a passionate come hither service! Share this post with your friends!