Katy Perry’s New Look: “Bruce Willis Haircut”


In her spotlight, Katy Perry used a vibrant and colorful hair dye. We even saw her best, worst and weirdest shade in her career but her haircut now is different and shocking for she has a “Bruce Willis Haircut”. She decided to cut her hair short like a boy cut and made it blonde. Remember her hairstyle in “I Kissed a Girl”? Her hairstyle was so remarkable for having bangs and dark bob, however, this summer Katy Perry cut her hair shorter than dark bob.

✨fifth element flow✨

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With the caption “fifth element flow”, she shared her new look by posting her picture.

✨sparkly af✨in @rasarioatelier for the @hrclosangeles 2017 gala. (@anakhouri jewels)

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Are they really look like?


And some saw a Justin Bieber resemblance but with make-up on.

And a little bit Ellen DeGeneres.

On her post, someone commented and said,

“Wait you are not JB! Who the fuck is perry?

Did she just copying Justin..???

OMG! .-. Like JB

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