Get Kaley Cuoco’s Abs With These 5 Yoga Moves

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Whether you’re a fan of The Big Bang Theory or just inspired by her bangin’ body, it’s no secret that Kaley Cuoco has one of the best abs out there. The actress, after all, is into fitness and even swears by these yoga moves to achieve toned abs! She even credits Amy Opielowski, CorePower Yoga program manager, for introducing her these moves. Want a summer bod of your own? Grab yourself a pair of dumbbells and try out these yoga poses! It’s best to stick it out for at least three times a week. Oh, and try to complete the sequence more than once to see the best results. Don’t worry, it might be hard at first but when your middle starts to hurt and the sweat starts to run through your body, your toned and sculpted abs will come out in no time!

via Women’s Health


First, your starting position should be the downward dog and then you need to lift your leg upward and inhale at the same time. After that, step your left in between your hands into a low lunge while exhaling. From the top of your mat, grab your dumbbells then extend your arms. (A). Your left knee must be kept over your ankle directly. While doing this, inhale and your torso must be hinged forward. As you exhale, pull the dumbbells to your sides, until they’re side-by-side your rib cage. (B). Inhale again then lower your weights and have your arms fully extended. After this, you’ve finally done one rep. Try to do 20 on both legs. After that, reverse the sequence of the movements so the end pose should be the downward dog.

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Start from the downward dog again and then carefully shift to a high plank pose. Make sure that your legs and feet are hip-width apart from each other. For this move, you’ll need to set aside your dumbbells to the side of your mat. (A). You’ll need to bend your elbows until it forms a 90-degree angle and you need to inhale while doing so. Then, lower your body into a pushup. (B). Return to the plank and exhale while doing so. Inhale then exhale while threading your right leg under your body. Extend it outward to the left then tap your left hand to your right toes after. (C). Do the sequence of the movement in a reverse, so the plank should be the end position. After that, repeat it on the other side of your body. This makes one rep. You’d need to do four reps and make sure to alternate the sides and sequence of movements.

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Start with the high plank position. Your hands need to be under your shoulders and your knees must be lowered onto the floor and under your hips. This should look like the tabletop position. Put a dumbbell behind your right knee. (A). Keep your back flat and softly bend your elbows. Your right heel must then be raised upward to the ceiling while your left foot is kept flexed and your knee still bent so the dumbbell is held in place. (B). Lower your back again to the starting position. Congratulations, you finished one rep. Now repeat it 20 times then do the same thing to the other side and do 20 reps again. Be mindful that you’ll need to do two sets.

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Start with the tabletop position and lie facedown on the mat with your legs extended. Next, bring your hands beside your ears while your elbows are bent outward to the sides. (A). Your neck must be kept long and your shoulders must be relaxed. Try to pull your shoulder blades together and then squeeze your glutes. As you do this, lift both your arms and your legs off the floor. (B). Hold the pose for a bit then return to the starting position. This makes one rep. Ideally, you’ll need to do 15 to 20 reps. Completing two sets is also required.

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Sit on your mat and then lie on your back. You’ll need to bend your arms until it forms a 90-degree angle. Your left arm must then be raised over your right one. This must be done in front of your body. Next, your knees must also be bent to form a 90-degree angle. Your right leg must then be placed over your left, which will make your right foot tucked behind your left calf. (A). Exhale then lift your elbows and knees together over your torso while doing so. Take note that your lower back must stay glued to the mat. (B). Lower your body and return to the starting position. This makes one rep. You’ll need to do 20 reps. Make sure to do it on the other side of your body also, which means you’ll need to raise your right are on your left as well as raising your left leg over your right. Do two sets to achieve the best results.

Did you find it easy or difficult? Whichever it is, try to stick to this exercise consistently and you’ll see results in no time! Additionally, you’ll be able to improve your strength and flexibility. Who wouldn’t want to get strong and lean, anyway? Yoga is a great way to improve your fitness and mindfulness. Follow Kaley Cuoco’s yoga moves for abs and you’ll surely be beach ready in no time! Share this post with your friends!

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