Japan’s Floating Hotel Rooms Will Carry You To Different Islands

Japan is on it again with their weird, genius inventions. Now they are adding another strange overnight experience to the mix: floating hotel rooms.

Huis Ten Bosch, a theme park in Sasebo, Nagasaki, will begin renting the rooms by the end of 2017. One overnight stay will cost $266-$355, but the experience is what you’ll be paying for. It’s priceless!

Image: Huis Ten Bosch Co./Kyodo

If you dream of having a one of a kind overnight stay in a floating room, or if, let’s say, waking up on a deserted island in the morning is one thing in your bucket list, then this is the place to be!


Huis Ten Bosch is a massive 42,000 square foot Dutch theme park that recreates Holland and it is located in the heart of Nagasaki, Japan.

Image: A slice of Holland in the middle of Japan.Alamy

There are many hotels inside the park, but this, being the latest, is the most extreme.

According to Japan Times, the pod has two floors. The top part is the bedroom and the bottom half is the bathroom. Each orb can house a maximum of 4 people.

It is, however, not clear yet how the pods will move above water. More details are soon to be released.

Image: The Huis Ten Bosch amusement park in Japan. | trip101.com

While you sleep, the pod will move along with the flow of the body of water towards the uninhabited islands of the park. During each trip, you can expect some “Hunger Games”-style activities to go down, according to Bloomberg. You’ll apparently play survival games equipped with toy guns—so be sure to bring your Katniss Everdeen spirit along.

This is a place you will surely enjoy with friends and family. Make sure you write this overnight experience on your list just before the year ends so you’ll be ready to book ASAP when it’s open for public. Share this post with your friends!

Source: omgfacts