Girl With Oversized Leg Spreads Body Positivity

When Isa-Bella Leclair was born, her mother instantly knew that something was not quite right. Isa-Bella suffers from Parkes Weber syndrome, a genetic condition which causes, among other things, something called lymphedema: fluid builds up in a certain body part, in her case her right leg, and causes severe swelling from an early age. Isa-Bella’s right leg is about twice the size of the left one, and weighs 40 pounds!

Today, Isa-Bella is 19 years old, and despite the difficulties she faces every day (like finding jeans that fit her), she inspires millions of people. You would expect her to hide her condition, and to not want to talk about it, but the opposite is the case. It began when she shared photos of herself in a bikini online. On these pictures, the swollen leg was very much visible, and naturally, people noticed. But Isa-Bella is completely positive about her body, and you can see that she feels good in her skin. She even won a beauty pageant!

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Source: LittleThings