Teenager Grows Hair For 10 Years Until It Reaches The Floor

Many girls dream of having long hair. Unfortunately, this is impossible for many, as their hair is just too thin and brittle; and having long hair takes a lot of patience and work. And when you get knots in them, you also need to be able to endure some pain! Short hair is just so much easier to maintain. But there is a teen in India who has grown her hair to an incredible length. She started to grow it out ten years ago, and you won’t believe what she looks like now!

Her locks touch the floor, measuring at six and a half feet! It could be even longer, but she sometimes trims it when it causes problems with walking and bathing. You might wonder what she does to her hair to keep it healthy – and the answer is as simple as it is astonishing: nothing. She never buys any special products or shampoo; only her mother takes care of her hair by massaging it with mustard oil. When you watch the video, you get the impression that her mother is the one who places most value on long hair!

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Source: LittleThings