If He Nails These 12 Signs, — He’s In love With You!

Love is everything. It can be ugly and confusing as hell. And it can be as beautiful and clear as heaven. Just like building a career, it has so many hoops and turns, — tricks that will either stimulate your mind to capture that person’s true feelings for you. Or drop like a broken glass when you discover that the answers you’ve been looking for, were just there. You’re just a bit too late to see the signs. But hey! Why fret? Love is like a giant glam, a hard shell of black and white. It situates itself to the most mysterious parts of the vast ocean, you just have to find the trick to break it open. And when you do, that’s where you will find it’s pearls.

How do I know for sure?

Here are the signs to find out if that guy you’re secretly in love with feels the same for your, — or not.

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#1. No Matter How Messy Your Hair Is, He’ll Pay Attention To You

When he stares at you gently when you’re not looking at him, and obviously he struggles to keep his eyes away from you. You got him feeling warm and fuzzy when you catch him looking at you. If he is just one of your acquaintances, but you get to see each other or pass by each other at school, work or neighborhood. It’s not a look that he’s hitting on you. His gaze marked by a certain awe, and inner tranquillity.

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#2. He’s Curious About The Things You Like

When he gathers all his courage to approach your friends just to find out what type of coffee you like or your favorite pizza flavor. Including those little bits of things that do not really matter or does not make sense but it pleases you, he takes note of it. Even though this sounds slightly disturbing, he visits your social media accounts just to figure out the kind of stuff you enjoy to read, your favorite movies, music, artists etc. Anything that he feels will bring him one step closer to you.

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#3. He Hangs On To Your Opinion More Than Most People

When he’s the type who doesn’t give a damn about what people think. And then, suddenly, your approval about certain matters hit him in a subtle manner. It’s something that no matter how he tries to disregard, he’ll keep remembering your point. And on some level, he hopes that you’d at least agree with him. The more you show him an assurance that you support his opinion whether you agree or disagree, he’ll be relaxed.

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#4. He’s Not Shy At All To Cheer You On

Love comes across in actions. He cares about your achievements, your goals, and the things you’ve chosen to surround yourself that makes you happy. He supports you all the way. Even if it has nothing to him, he’s your biggest fan.

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#5. He Has A Different Way Of Showing His Empathy

He notices the bests about that you and others don’t. He empathizes with you on your level. He pays attention to how you get along with different people, and how they feel when you’re around them. He is sensitive with how you process emotions and how you express them. He keeps in mind all the little details about you and appreciates the full scope of who you are, both the good and the bad.

You know he truly loves you to the core when he sees beyond who you are but everything you want to be. When he thinks you’re heading in the wrong direction, he will tell you what you do not want to hear because he’s protecting you. Like if you are carrying hatred towards a family member, he will help make you realize that you can’t stay that way forever. It may not feel good, but it’s a sign that he empathize rather than sympathize.

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#6. He Misses You

Somehow, men fall in love in a woman’s absence. Wherever he goes, when he doesn’t hear from you, he makes an effort to reach out. If he’s too shy, he’ll ask the closest people in your life about how you are doing. Believe it or not, you will both realize that you have a constant connection when you’re apart because you see things around you that will remind you of each other.

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#7. He Treats You Like A Priority

No matter how life makes him tied down with work or school when he makes spending time with you a priority, you’re important to him. Even to the point of marking out his usual Friday evenings with his buddies, he does love you and you are that important to him.

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#8. He Finds Joy In Giving You Little Surprises

Real love is about giving. It doesn’t care if it’s not taking anything in return. Just like how parents love their children than them loving their parents back. He loves you when he puts an effort to give you anything that will make you feel the most special in his life. This isn’t about material things. It’s doing things for you that will lessen your difficulty or burden. Like when he gave up attending a very important opportunity for him, just to help you with yours.

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#9. He Wants You To Need Him

When he feels that you don’t need him, it makes him feel incomplete. And it’s not because he is not putting enough effort for you, but every man who is in love wants to be his woman’s hero. He cannot bear being useless around you. He yearns for your recognition and appreciation.

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#10. He Doesn’t Forget

He remembers your birthday or that day you got so drunk you forgot where you left your other shoe. He remembers those funny moments that made you the silliest and the most natural person he enjoys being with. Your big days are also his.

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#11. He Keeps You In The Loop

The case on point, you will know he loves you when he keeps you updated about what he’s been up to. He will tell you if he is upset with someone from his family, or if something simply bothers him. He doesn’t want ever to leave you hanging. Not because he has to, he just wants to.

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#12. No Matter How You Perceive It As Untrue, You Just Know It

It may be strange, but that’s what our intuitiveness and instincts are for. We have them because it is meant to feel. When a man loves you, it becomes self-evident to you and to everyone around you. It just gives you that sudden jolt when you try to think that he doesn’t love you but he makes you feel otherwise. His behavior and actions while being with you make you feel indescribably comfortable and beautiful.

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