Grandpa Hides Kittens In Toolshed When His Wife Says He Can’t Keep Them

There are many things that change when we grow older, namely our bodies, our values and our priorities. However, there are some things that don’t really change as one grandpa proved – his love for animals.

If you are an animal lover yourself, you wouldn’t remember a time when you haven’t loved your furry friends as there’s likely no time like that. For Jimmy, this is especially true. Jimmy is an 85-year-old grandpa who lives with his lovely wife in Puerto Rico.

Jimmy adores the kittens around their place as there are lots of stray cats in their neighborhood. He would always try to take care of them and would play with them whenever he can. However, his wife would prefer it if the cats would stay within their own space.

But Jimmy, being the animal lover he is, felt bad for them and realized that he had to help them.

Knowing his wife won’t really be happy with his decision, he decided to bring the cats and feed them in a place where his wife doesn’t spend much time: the toolshed in the back of the house.

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Jimmy has always been an animal lover and in his 85 years, it never changed. However, his compassion for animals has gotten him into a bit of trouble lately.

Jimmy decided he would help out the neighborhood stray kitties but he wants to make sure his wife doesn’t find out so he started feeding them in a toolshed.

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One of the cats Jimmy was taking care of grew extremely attached to Jimmy according to one of his granddaughters. Soon, he realized that the cat won’t be alone soon as it is expecting.

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This was the time Jimmy approached his wife. He asked her if they could care for the cat and soon enough, her kittens. However, the old man was shot down by her.

Understandably, his wife said that she wouldn’t want a pregnant cat giving birth on their home.

Instead of heeding his wife’s advice, he came up with his own decision and put the kitty on the toolshed where it gave birth to beautiful kittens.


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When the cat gave birth, Jimmy was delighted to have kittens to care for.

Apparently, Jimmy did not tell his wife about the cats in their toolshed but he did tell his granddaughter who then posted it on Twitter.

By the time Jimmy’s wife knew about the litter was three weeks after the cats gave birth.

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His wife probably didn’t like it that Jimmy lied to her. However, she soon understood as she saw the kittens.

She then agreed that Jimmy could keep the kittens on their toolshed but only until they are big enough to find new homes. Basically, it’s a win-win situation for Jimmy and the cats.

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And it also seems like Jimmy and his wife are still pretty tight and in love even through the years so it’s probable his wife has already forgiven him or will do pretty soon. Share this post with your friends!

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