Playful Gorilla in Twycross Zoo Spins Gracefully For The Visitors To Watch

Do you ever wonder why domesticated or wild animals do strange things? Like us, they sometimes do fascinating or pretty strange stuff. Sometimes there is a good reason for this kind of behavior. But in other cases, nobody really knows what’s up – simply because animals can be very different to us in the way they see the world. Other examples show that animals are so similar to humans in some respects that it’s almost creepy – like having a sense of humor, or being entertained by magic tricks. This is especially obvious in monkeys and apes, as seen with a gorilla at Twycross Zoo, where visitor Helen Fairhead captured this video.

She took out her camera and filmed one of the young gorillas. At first, it looks like there’s nothing special; but by chance the animal chose this exact moment to stand up straight and perform a stunningly elegant dance, spinning through the cage with graceful posture. It looks like he’s dancing with an invisible partner! He probably was just having fun, not knowing that he would entertain millions of people on the internet.

AN ACTUAL DANCING GORILLA!! Helen Fairhead caught the ape's antics on camera at Twycross Zoo

Posted by BBC East Midlands Today on Dienstag, 12. April 2016


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