“Find The Dog” Will Make Your Head Spin

Lego has been one of the famous educational toys that have stayed with us for the longest time. The Lego company started manufacturing blocks since 1930’s and from there, they have expanded their market not only locally but globally as well. The name Lego came from the term “Leg Godt” which literally means “Play Well.” The Lego brand is a family company and it has been passed on from generations to generations. The Current owner of the company is now the grandchild of the founder.

Kids nowadays are enjoying what the internet has to offer. There are several websites that have many adventure games or educational games that they can play. There are also several games associated with other social media apps that interest kids the most. Although these games are gaining popularity among the younger generations, Lego and other old school toys still have a wide following. There are still parents who would choose to have their kids play old school toys rather than their online counterpart.

But it does not mean that these old school games are not being competitive. Despite being in the market for quite a long time, Lego is keeping up with society and the fast-paced internet world. They want to ensure that the younger generation would still know what their toys do and they want them to be familiar with their brand. So what they did is that they made use of a recent internet trend and took their own twist to make it their own concept.

Are you familiar with the game “Finding Waldo?” Well, it seems like there is not an internet version circulating around the internet with the same concept. If you are an internet person, then you would have probably seen this on social media with your friends sharing a challenging game for you. The post will include a picture showing a lot of the same object but you would have to find that one object that is different from the rest. The object you would need to find looks the same as the others but not entirely.

That is where the challenge lies and that is what Lego is tapping in. To make it more fun, the company created a mascot for the company and named him as Duplo Dog. Lego’s Duplo Dogs looks like a Dalmatian. It is a white dog will black spots on it. He looks like a cute adorable puppy which kids would surely love to play with. This is what Lego is aiming for and with the use of the internet. They have found a way to join in on the fun of the puzzle game.

Lego posted a challenge on their official Instagram account. Lego said that they were able to find all of the pandas in the manage but the real challenge is to find their very cute Duplo Dog among the seas of black and white panda. This type of challenge started off when Gergely Dudas, who is also known as Dudolf posted a picture on Twitter challenging his followers to find an animal amidst a group of Snowman. The post made by the Budapest artist gain a lot of popularity and went viral.

Instagram / LEGO

The post by Lego made a lot of hype and people were talking about it. If you take a look at the image you can definitely see only pandas all around. Finding Duplo seems to be a challenge for many. For those who have already found them, they would post it on their social media account and challenge their friends to comment their time on how fast they were able to find the adorable Duplo Dog. I have checked the image several times and it took me quite a while to find the dog amongst the panda.

But if the challenge is too much for you, don’t worry as we have made the effort to find it for you. As you can see on the image below, you will find where the Duplo Dog can be found. But don’t give up right away because finding the dog all by yourself is a very rewarding experience. Once you have found the dog you will be amazed at how well the artist has hidden the object. The only clear different between the panda and Duplo is the eyes. The panda’s eyes are circular while Duplo is kind of oval with a flat base.

Instagram / LEGO

If finding the Duplo Dog was not a challenge for you then we will also share with you the search game that started it all. How about you try to find the panda among a group of snowmen? Yes, this is the first ever challenge to the finding something series. We know that there are already a lot of this games spread all through the internet but wouldn’t it be great to pay homage to the image that started in all? If you are up to the challenge scroll down below and you will need to find the panda this time.

As you will see in the image below you will see a lot of snowmen all lined up together. There are snowmen that only have one ear while others have none. There are also snowmen that are wearing a snow cap while others have colorful scarfs on them. You will also find candy canes and magician hats included in the image. The artist must have fun drawing the image because he uses colors and designs to make it quirkier and fun to look at. Remember, the goal is to find the panda this time.
The panda was easier to find this time but if you have not found it them, then we are glad to help.

Facebook / thedudolf

Take your time and imagine how a panda looks like. The difference between the panda and the showmen in the picture are their noses. The snowmen have a carrot nose. It is bright orange which makes it easier to distinguish. While your cute panda only has a tiny dot for a nose which is black in color. The panda that you are looking for also has black arms, that’s another clue. If you are still having a hard time finding them then you can check the image below.

Facebook / thedudolf

This kind of game is both challenging and fun. You will really enjoy finding the item and you can even share it with your friends and have them help you find the object. This game needs sharp eyes and you should be keen to details. If you easily give up, then this game is not for you. Finding the item will take time and concentration and if you give up easily you might just miss the chance in finding them. Did you find the object in the images? How long were you able to find them? Share the results in the comment section below. Share this post with your friends!