Farmer Turns On The Camera And Dances To Deal With His Pain

A man named Jay Lavery is basically a lot like many farmers. However, he was ready to show the world a little secret with what happen’s behind his barn’s closed door. Everyone who knows Jay would say he was a fun-loving farmer but still, if you see what he does in his barn, you’d definitely want to keep watching again and again.

This guy is simply hilarious and is a joy to watch! He turns on his radio and what seems to be his “normal morning routine” with his pet goats. You can see him cleaning the barn to make sure everything is organized. But what seems like an ordinary cleaning job turns into something funny and amazing.

As the music turns up, you can see him putting down his rake and starting to get into the rhythm Sia’s song entitled “Cheap Thrills.” Indeed, he was pretty much enjoying such a cheap thrill; dancing on his own with only his pet goats (and now the world) to see.

He’s pretty much got the moves and even made his own choreography. You can also see he was clearly living in the moment.However, the story behind his dancing is actually inspiring. He suffered from a severe back injury. Now, he enjoys dancing to deal with the pain he feels.

If anything, this man’s strategy is entertaining and if we say so, really effective! He doesn’t seem to be in pain and looks rather comfortable dancing in his barn.

Watch the video to brighten up your day!

Granjero baila en su granero

Circula por las redes sociales un video del pasado 30 de diciembre, no es nuevo, pero la manera en que un granjero de Nueva York baila en su granero acompañado por sus cabras el ritmo de 'Cheap Thrills' de Sia, nos llena de energía para seguir levantando esta semana que recién empieza.Jay Lavery –como así se llama el protagonista– limpia su granja hasta que, en un momento dado, suelta el cepillo y empieza a moverse al ritmo de la música. El hombre publicó el video en su cuenta personal de Facebook y casi llega a los 7 millones de reproducciones.Fuente:

Posted by El Ciudadano on Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2017

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