Newly Engaged Couple Sent Out A Thank You Video To All Who Wish Them Well But Forgot To Turn It Off And Recorded Something You Would Not Expect

In a relationship, you start with dating then eventually get engaged and finally get married and start your own family. Many people would go to lengths just to prepare the best engagement proposal to their loved ones. Others would ask their friends and relatives to help them to come up with a great proposal while others would just come up with a wholehearted confession of their love. No matter how you go about it, an engagement is a time for celebration.

Once a couple gets engaged, people close to them are happy to see a lovely couple take their relationship once step further. This means that they are getting serious and that they are planning to get married. Before a couple gets engaged, there are things that they have to consider. That is why the dating process is really important. Because this is when they get to know the person and whether they want to spend the rest of their life together.

Once they are really sure they want to be together forever, they propose and get married. But getting engage takes a lot of effort. Not only for the couple but for their friends as well. They have to decide whether they want a long engagement or short one. This is also the time that they will be preparing for their wedding. Once a couple gets engage their family members and the people closest to them will be eager to be part of this happiness.

That is why when Dave Rawson and Glenice Holland announced their engagement, many flocked to them and sent out their congratulatory messages. The couple has been together for 3 years and after knowing each other for quite some time, Dave finally proposed to Glenice and she heartily gave her yes to him. Everyone was so happy to hear the news. Finally, the couple is going to tie the know and spend the rest of their life together. It was a great 2016 for the couple.

Since there a lot of people who greeted them on their engagement, they did not want to send out individual thank you notes to everyone as they may miss out. They instead decided to send out a video thanking their friends and family for supporting their relationship. Their thank you video garnered lots of views but it was not only because of the message but also because of the outtakes. Apparently, Dave forgot to turn off the video right before Glenice reprimanded him for his kiss.

After they said their thank you message, Dave gave Glenice a kiss on the lips however it did not sit well with his partner. It could be because Dave was nervous with kissing her while on video and that could be the reason why Glenice was not satisfied with how Dave kissed her. Glenice said that Dave was kissing her way too fast. She even thinks that the kiss was without any passion. She wanted emotions and zest into the kiss. It could be because they just got engaged and she wants to do it perfectly for the camera.

Glenice told Dave how to properly kiss her. According to her the right way to kiss should be done softly and slowly. This is how a woman needs to be kissed and this is what woman wants in a man. A man should know how to kiss a girl properly and Dave should put this in his mind because he has finally found his match. Glenice is not someone that you can just disregard because she definitely says what on her mind. Dave should better watch out.

You can hear Glenice telling Dave to kiss slower and when he tried she tells him to take it much slower. But you can definitely see that their bickering is the loving type because Glenice started laughing because of the whole situation. They had to kiss several times before they got the perfect one. Dave was really patient and enjoyed the whole experience. Both the couples were really into each other and love is definitely in the air when they were filming.

But despite what happened both the couple are happily in love with each other. They are a perfect match and that you can see in them that they are meant to be. It could be that Dave was just shy that’s why he gave a kiss that had less passion but not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera. Everyone always has a time that they don’t feel like facing the camera and this could be one of those days. Luckily the video of the couple gave everyone laughter which is always good for the heart.

Now Dave and Glenice has a lifetime to sort out their kissing differences and work on their loving relationship. Maybe at first, they will bicker but surely they will be able to find a common ground between the both of them where Glenice can say that Dave’s kiss is just perfect. Who knows, Dave’s kiss is perfect every time there is no camera. Dave and Glenice are not happily married and living their life to the fullest. This couple will definitely inspire a lot of people.

If you want to see the thank you message of the lovely couple, you can watch them on the video below. You can see the whole message including the outtakes of their kiss. You can judge for yourself if the kiss was passionate enough or Glenice was right to say that it was lackluster. You be the judge after you see the video.

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