First In The World – Solid Chocolate Easter Egg Is Here And It’s Beautiful

As each Easter goes by, we’re practically thinking our chocolates aren’t what they used to be. Our favorite Easter treats seem to shrink as each year goes by and it’s kind of sad when we open our Easter eggs and baskets of treats to find so little chocolate.

And then there are those chocolate Easter eggs that we really get excited about but then, it turns out only a thin layer of chocolate is really present. However, there’s now the antidote that we all have been waiting for. It’s the perfect solution if you feel really tired of all those thin chocolate shells you’ve been seeing for the past Easter celebrations.

According to a team of chocolate makers, they have created the “world’s first” fully sized solid chocolate Easter egg.

Source: Huffington Post

Now, these solid chocolate eggs aren’t really new to the public. The team from Inkymole has already been selling these solid eggs. They weigh 540g and are on sale since 2012. However, these new eggs are bigger with a size of 750g. This new solid chocolate Easter egg is a 750g of Belgian chocolate. It’s been split into 42 bitesize pieces so it will be easier to share and devour this amazing edible masterpiece.

These chocolate eggs are also perfect for every chocolate lover. It comes in dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate and caramel chocolate. Because of that, everyone who loves any of these types of chocolates could have a huge and solid chocolate egg for the Easter!

However, you might want to know that you’ll be spending much more on this Easter egg than the usual. A single egg will cost you £24.99 and you can buy it on Amazon. Yet although it would indeed cost you, it definitely is a luxury worth spending for and Easter or not, it’s something you’d want to have! Share this post with your friends!

Source: Huffington Post