Father Buys His Daughter’s Dream Dress For Christmas

When Kailah saw the sparkling blue dress in a shop, she knew that this was exactly what she wanted for her spring formal at school. But she also knew that her parents would never be able to afford it. Being determined to wear this exact dress, she started to apply for as many jobs as she could, trying to get the money for the dress. When she had finally made enough money, she went back to the shop – only to discover that it had already been sold.

Kailah was devastated. But little did she know that the dress had been bought by none other than her father, Jeremy. She had no clue until Christmas Day, when he called her and her sister downstairs for a special surprise. Each of them got a prom dress for Christmas, and when Kailah saw hers, she couldn’t believe her eyes. There was her dress, the one she had wanted so badly – her reaction is priceless! I could hardly hold back my tears when I watched the video.

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Source: LittleThings