These Dogs Reactions On Bed-Stealing Kitties Will Leave You Off Your Rocker

Cats are sweet. They fancy the comfort of a family home, which is why they can be left alone at home without a problem. However, they are also the cool, the sly, the charming, and the clever furry little jerks. They wouldn’t be considered a favorite of the sassiest “rich & famous” celebrities if they weren’t like that, would they? But what about our loyal pooches? Kitties, on many occasions, love to get cozy on another animal’s bed. A number of dogs have made the experience that it can be quite hard to reclaim ownership of their beds from the sneaky moggies.

Unfortunately, the man’s best friend is a species of polite creatures that can only do as much as hover around and perhaps growl when a kitty screws them and steals their beds. Our dear kitties don’t seem to care much when they have already found their most comfy position. Meanwhile, the friendly dogs respect the “pick on someone your own size” bearing and resort to halfhearted appeals with their feline occupier. Although in this case, the dogs may have it in for a “ruff” night on the floor, it is really cute to watch them.

For some reason, most dogs have trouble getting the feline squatters hounded out of their properties. One commenter on YouTube states,

I absolutely love how totally unbothered cats are. And this is how nice dogs are, they could easily overpower a cat but they won’t.
Oh good heavens! Where is justice? But to be honest, cats are cute when they are mean, and dogs are even lovelier when they show how much of a kind pooch they are.

Sometimes though, man’s best friend won’t just allow any puss to take over their space. See how this German Shepherd handled the situation:

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source: thesun , weloveanimals