Disney Princess Bikinis We Have All Been Waiting For

When you hear “Disney,” the first thing that’s probably going to pop out in your head is “Magic.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but let’s face it… Classic Princess fairy tales have lots of magic to offer. It never wears out. If you love the princesses, then get ready for Enchanted Bikinis – a swimwear line designed specially for fans like you.

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Simply magical!

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They come in sizes S through XL, and you can choose from six ‘royal’ bikinis to make sure you get your favorite design.

You can also take a pick whether you want the bottom high-waisted or low-waisted. Tops range from A cup to DD. Not only that, of course, they have supportive molded cups with underwire and strapless options come with removable straps in case you might want to strap it up anyway.

Be flawlessly bold and “Swim” with all the colors of the wind as Pocohontas!

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Ready to be a part of their world? Why not rock the waters as Ariel in this bikini?

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Feel the breeze and let your hair down in a Rapunzel two-piece!

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Read a good book under the sun by the beach in this Belle bikini.

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Ride the waves and enter a whole new world as Jasmine.

Image: enchantedbikinis.com

Be the fairest of them all as Snow White.

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How about these Aurora and Cinderella bikinis that are currently in the works?

They have new designs! Learn more on their Instagram.

Purchase now! Get the tops for $35 to $45 and the bottoms ranging from $25 to $35.

Image: instagram.com

Buy them here.

Know more about them through this video!

Would you wear these Disney princess swimsuits?

These Disney princess-inspired swimsuits are a dream come true for a ton of fans

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