Blogger Travels Across America, Pays Less Than $300

When it comes to massive, America is one incredibly big country that some of its states, like Texas for example, make England and other European countries seem absolutely tiny. Even if someone has been to America a few times, exploring everything it has to offer is almost impossible. Hopping from one state to another is extremely expensive, as you would need to take an airplane ride to get from one place to another. Driving is a good option, it allows you to have a great road trip experience especially if you’re with friends. However, going from point A to point B will take too much time and you also have to think about the gas and other expenses.

But on blogger by the name of Derek Low has found a way to travel across America without breaking his wallet. He got to see beautiful canyons and stunning mountains on his travel. Derek traveled to New York from San Francisco with just $213.

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“Traveling by train gives you a glimpse into the soul of America. The experience rewards you with far more stories and experiences and sights than you could ever witness alone in a car, eyes fixed on the road, or on a five-hour flight across the country,” the blogger said. “The train begins its journey running alongside the tranquil waters of the San Francisco Bay Area for some fabulous coastal views. At some parts, the train was literally a foot from the water.”

Derek traveled in trains where there are only rooms to sleep in, a cafe and dining area plus a sightseer lounge car. The latter has large windows so sightseers could have a greater view of the beautiful scenery they pass by. Not only that, they are accompanied by an expert from California State Railroad to give an explanation plus some history about the places they are looking at.

Source: Derek Low

The photos from his first leg of travel from San Francisco to Utah are uploaded on his blog. It shows the ocean, snow capped mountains and deserts.

Source: Derek Low

Apart from getting the best scenery while traveling America, the food on the train is also as amazing as the journey itself. Derek also took some shots of his meals and they were definitely mouthwatering.

Source: Derek Low

Anyone can travel via these trains if they want, even taller people. Airplane rides are usually a bit uncomfortable for people with long legs. But Derek says the trains have enough legroom.

Source: Derek Low

“The seats are spacious with plenty of legroom and they recline a good 40 degrees. They’re more comfortable than economy class seats on planes; perhaps something more like business class on a crappy domestic airline,” Derek elaborates. Derek also has a tip for those who want to try this amazing adventure. He says the best value is to book tickets on two different trains namely the California Zephyr and Lake Shore Limited.

The blogger said he has seen both the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean and he has done this without taking a flight. In fact, some people have told him he has seen more of America than most Americans. He is very willing to plan the whole trip to anyone interested for just $49.

Travel from London to Tokyo now possible?

It is possible that in the near future, those afraid of flying are now able to travel from London to Tokyo via train. It is said that there are plans regarding the expansion of Trans-Siberian railway making the journey achievable.

The changes will be made on Vladivostok which is currently the last stop on the Trans-Siberian railway. There’s then a four-mile bridge or a tunnel that will link to the Pacific island of Sakhalin from the city of Khabarovsk. The train will then cross from Sakhalin to the northern Japanese island, Hokkaido, through a 26-mile tunnel.

“The ventures are seen as leading to a revival of not only commercial traffic between the two countries, but also to increased tourism and other human contacts,” The Siberian Times reported. The Kremlin apparently wants to proceed with the plan as it can help boost the economy of Russia’s far east. Japan is also open to the suggestion as they can welcome more tourists.

However, there are huge chances of the plans remaining merely as plan because of the argument over Kuril islands which has been going on for a long time now. Both countries are claiming these islands as their own and is the reason why they haven’t signed peace treaties after the World War II.

Vladimir Putin is expected to visit Japan in December making it possible that talks about the railway extension will be pursued. Share this post with your friends!

Source: LAD Bible