Date Someone Who Brings That Love Into Your Heart

Dating is not just “beginning” of a relationship. Most often than not, people have this premonition that dating is the easiest part of getting to know each other. But realities prove that it is the hardest part of starting a relationship and even friendship. For you to make that part easier, you do not need to be that kind of person who needs to know a lot about dating in order to start dating relationship. Make it simple. Date someone who gives you that feeling of security. Someone you can trust with your deepest and even darkest secrets, someone who will not judge you for those secrets. Someone you can lean on and will not give up on you when you are in your darkest moment. Someone who will love you even times flies that fast and even if you are going smoothly or when he is facing his difficulties in his own life.

Someone who does not utter words that would offend you when you converse with each other, no sarcasm, and he do not have any intention of hurting you. Someone who will not underestimate your capabilities, he will not insult the way you look or the shape of your body, and he will not use just to feed his selfish desire. He will make all his effort to be able to bring brightness to your life and to light the love in your heart. He really makes effort whenever the things pertain to you. He is not afraid of extending his life with you going that extra mile for you and he is more than willing to let the mountain moved just to be with you.

Date Someone Your Heart Trusts and Who Counts For You

Date that someone who knows what he is looking for and that he is very certain to what his heart wants. In this journey of love, sometimes what we really need to believe in our hearts is that even too big obstacles cannot hinder you both, that there is no such word as wrong timing for you to be right, the heart cannot be tired to bring both of you to be closer together. He is the person that gives no attention to his exes or that he let them out of the picture. There are no other girls that he wanted to be impressed other than you.

You Are Enough in His Heart

He will always be there for you kissing the tears in your eyes and will continuously encouraging you picking yourself up and fight until your dreams are fulfilled. He brings medicine to your wounded heart and gathering the broken pieces of your heart by loving you unconditionally. He is that someone who marks a permanent spot in your heart and life and he will love you even beyond the horizons. He will talk to you from the moment the sun goes down to its place and the moon appears and he does not run out of things to say with you.  From the moment the light of the sun enters your eyes, you can feel his strong presence with you until that time when you will close your eyes to sleep with a sweet smile on your face believing in your heart that when you wake up for the next day, he will always be there for you. He will appreciate every quirks and flaw that he will see in you for that things makes you as you are.

Date That Someone Who Makes Love Easy For Both of You

Date that someone who does not play the mind games with you or someone who will not play the feeling you have for him. He is that person who is the same in his characters and values and does not completely switch his personality into a different person every time you meet together, so much that you will not be able to recognize which part or version of him is real and which is just a show version. He is able to let you forget those unnecessary things that bother you and he is able to let you believe in second chances.

Date Someone Who Bring That Love in You

Date that someone who does not believe in fantasies but rather he believes in the magic of love that you also believed it to be. The best friend love thing that would enable your love to blossom is when you both know each other as much as you know your own selves. The best soul mate love thing is that when both of you find and choose each other to fall in love with and decides to stay together no matter what life may bring to both of you,  that kind of love that comes only once in your whole life.

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