20 Hairstyles That Make You Wonder Why

If you’re short on time, you can just throw you hair into a messy bun or a ponytail – but if you’re bored, you can turn your head into a masterpiece. This is a collection of the craziest and most creative hairstyles that can be found on the internet.

#1 Gecko Haircut


via Bench

#2 Spider Haircut

He can scare all the weak girls away.

via Bench

#3 Up Hairstyle

When you get headaches because your hair is too heavy.

via eluniversal.com

#4 Gecko Haircut

In color this time …

#5 Tomato Haircut

This girl really loves ketchup.

via Kotaku

#6 Bear Hair

It looks like a statue!

via Lisa von Weise

#7 Pineapple Haircut

Perfect for summers at the beach.

#8 Hands Haircut

I would find this more than a little creepy.

#9 Dali Haircut

I wonder if a tattoo is involved?

via Rob Ferrel

#10 Face Haircut

When you want to confuse people walking behind you.

#11 Robin Williams Haircut

Another case of two-face.

#12 Tennis Ball Haircut

Just be careful that nobody whacks you.

#13 Lady Gaga’s Hair Hat

Of course, the queen of craziness has a place in this post.

via 7colorz

#14 Tim Duncan Haircut

I wonder how long this took. It’s a real work of art!

via Rob Ferrel

#15 Nested

This lopsided hairstyle will certainly give you a stiff neck.

#16 Tupac Haircut

What is it with all those face haircuts?

via cdn.ebaumsworld.com

#17 Rhinestone & Henna

How to turn a shaved head into something stunningly beautiful

#18 Poodle Haircut

Never leave your house without your canine friend again

via Lisa von Weise

#19 The Eye

Definitely freaky

via trendsnhealth.com

#20 Sydney Opera House Haircut

This hair type really lends itself to sculpting.

via imgur

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