Clear Those Sinuses In Seconds Using Absolutely Nothing But Your Fingers

There’s always that time of the year when almost everyone you know is battling a certain kind of illness. Even strangers you meet on the road will either have coughs or runny noses. Some you see pinching the bridge of their noses or their heads. Wherever you go, there’s someone who tends to sneeze or cough.

Even though you are not that sick, the kind that will really incapacitate you, the harsh weather or various other factors could get to you and feel its wrath with none other than clogged sinuses. It is painful and terrible. It makes you foggy and get this terrible headache for what seem like forever. Clogged sinuses are so bad you would trade them with a stomach flu. Most of the times, its symptoms consist of the stuffed-up sensation you feel on the bridges of your nose to under your eyes and horrible headaches.

Alleviating clogged sinuses is different for each person. While some resort to over-the-counter medications, some would prefer natural home remedies. But there’s this one method that wouldn’t require drinking anything and yet super effective. Today, you will be learning about what is known as Lymphatic Drainage Self Massage.

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What is this lymphatic massage? Basically, it is a gentle self-massage that encourages the “flow of lymph fluid.” This has and continues to gain attention for treatment of various problems like lymphedema. As our sinuses are part of our lymphatic system and since clogged sinuses are due to fluid build-up, this certain massage technique will likely help relieve it.

What you simply have to do is to gently massage the right areas of your head for a few minutes. It is easy enough and can be done by anyone who wants instant relief from clogged sinuses. To help us through the process, a registered massage therapist named Heather Wibbles will guide us.

However, before we begin the process, it is important to check ourselves for any contraindications that imply we should not do the massage. On Heather’s blog, she focuses on symptoms you should look out for. If you do, check with your doctor. Only do the massage when you don’t have any of the following:

  1. Fever, early onset of inflammatory disease and acute infection – You have to wait it out until your fever is gone and the acute phase is over.
  2.  Cardiac issues such as heart disease, heart attack, acute angina pectoris – Doing the massage will compromise you more as it could increase the fluid load on the heart and worsen the situation.
  3. Circulatory system issues, most especially thrombosis – Do not use LDM if there is any risk of embolism of phlebitis. Instead, call your doctor immediately.
  4. Active bleeding – Don’t attempt the massage whether it’s external or internal bleeding.
  5. High risk pregnancy or late term pregnancy with complications.
  6. Active malignant cancers, tumors or undiagnosed lumps whose origins are not yet identified by your physician.

If you are feeling any of these symptoms, immediately consult your doctor before you perform the massage. In fact, it’s better to consult with doctors before you perform any kind of home remedy just to make sure you are not risking your health. Sometimes, using or doing home remedies worsens the case without our knowledge. This is because we are actually doing the wrong thing which isn’t the remedy we need.


If you don’t have any of the symptoms or you have the go signal from your doctor, you are now able to learn how to clear those sinuses away.

A quick reminder: LDM is a gentle massage. That means you shouldn’t be pressing too hard. To give you a little comparison, the lightness of your pressure should be level with what you would use when rolling a coin across a tabletop.

To clear your sinuses, you will be focusing on four areas. These areas are where the fluids are closer to your skin. So, the areas are the head, the neck, the back of the neck and the ears.

  • Locate the Venus angle – Take the ring finger on both your hands and place them on each side of your collar bone. One should be in the center of your collar bone while the other is on either side of the notch in your throat. Slide your hands up to the soft tissue of your neck over the collar bone. Start to pump but do it lightly and slowly with one pump every one or two seconds. You can do this slower too. Do 50 to 100 pumps and by this time, you will feel the fluid moving. You would feel like you have to clear your throat and that is entirely normal.
  • The side of the neck – On either side of your neck, place the top parts of your palm. Use the surface of your fingers and palms to straightly pull down along the big muscle of your neck. Do this 50 times and you will feel like the fluids are draining from your ears.

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  • The back of the neck – Cup your hands together and just like before, use your palms and fingers and place it on the back of the neck. Gently pull downward again. Repeat this for 50 times.

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  • The finishing touch – To finish the massage, do the Star Trek hand salute or where your pointer and middle finger are sticking together on side while the pinky and ring finger on the other forming a “V.” Then, place your fingers on the side of your head, making the ear in between the V. Pull downward toward the bottom of your cheeks. Do this 50 times.
  • Repeat the massage in reverse – After the finishing touch, go back to the massage but in reverse order meaning you should move on to the back of the neck, and then the side of the neck and lastly, the Venus angle.

Of course, it will be easier to learn this massage by seeing it and then reading the instructions. So, here’s a video of Heather’s demonstration to help you.


The massage is pretty effective, but let’s say you don’t have enough time to do it or you really want the fastest way to relieve the discomfort and pain you’re feeling. For this, you would need to locate the sinus pressure points in the face. To help us with this, another massage therapist will help us. Amber Lynn Vitale recommends doing the following:

  1. At the beginning of the eyebrows – While sitting down, push on your brow bone with your fingers or your thumb. You can add more pressure by leaning forward.
  2. The middle of the eyebrow to slightly above it – Begin moving on these areas. You will likely need to apply pressure along those area and keep doing it as long as you need.
  3. At the far edge of the eyebrow – Don’t go as far as your temples but you would find a slight indentation before it. Press and hold it. You can also create little circles with your fingers.
  4. Top of nostrils on the side of your nose – This is the point where your cheekbones meet with your nasal bone. Press again and lean down to apply more pressure.
  5. Move a bit down below your nostrils to another indentation, out to the middle of the cheek. Press up on these areas.

This is a faster way to clear those sinuses but of course, it’s easier to do with demonstration so watch down below:


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