Mother And Daughter Change Habits And Lose Weight

Cheryl Shaw is 50 years old and a single mother of two children, working 12-hour shifts in the ER. She lives with her 17-year-old daughter Tessa, and both of them struggle with their weight. But one day, they got inspired by a video about a woman’s weight loss journey, and decided to start their own. Together, they took the “Giveit100” challenge, spending 100 days going to the gym and eating healthily. At the beginning, Cheryl weighed 256 pounds and Tessa weighed 181 pounds.

Both Cheryl and Tessa admit to compensate emotional stress by eating. But now they are determined to break the cycle and start over. After 100 days, Cheryl lost 42 pounds, Tessa 32; and since then, they have lost even more. Tessa is now at 135 pounds, while her mother weighs 149 pounds. Cheryl lost more than 100 pounds – unbelievable! It takes a lot of willpower and strength to make it through this challenge, and even more to keep going afterwards. These two women deserve a lot of respect! Watch the video to see how they looked after the challenge.

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Source: LittleThings