Man Asked His Dogs To Roll Over, But Cat’s Reaction Is Priceless!

With the right persuasion and some treats, we can absolutely teach our dogs some really cool tricks and that’s common knowledge. However, can we train our cats to do the same?

Most people wouldn’t really believe when they are told cats could actually do tricks, let alone imagine one doing something a dog would normally do. However, there’s this one cat who is definitely proving people wrong. And so, when a man asked his dogs to roll over, she does exactly the same.

It’s either this cat’s owner had taught her patiently along with the dogs or that she learned the trick by observing the dogs, simply letting them know she’s smarter. We suspect it’s actually the latter. But maybe their owner is an animal whisperer and had taught her to be obedient, right?

The cat, named Didga, is an adorable kitty who basically is rather familiar with the term “copy cat.” If these dogs can do something, who’s to say Didga can’t? And for that matter, other cats around the planet, too. Surely, there’s a lot of them willing to be trained and to learn new and cool tricks.

Of course, you can watch the adorable and amazing video of Didga along with two Rottweilers doing exactly what they were doing: rolling over and obeying their owner’s instructions. Didga patiently waited while wagging her tail (like a happy dog) as her owner instructed each of the dog to do a roll over. Lastly, she did the trick as easily as did her companions.

It’s funny and adorable, probably one of the best cat videos you’ll see yet! Watch it down below:


If you found Didga to be the amazing feline she is, you’d be shocked to know that she is actually quite the sensation online. Her owner has a Youtube channel known as CATMANTOO where he uploads the adventures of Didga and his two rottweilers named Lucy and Phoenix.

Their adventures and wild and fun. There’s even Didga learning how to skateboard and even surfing with his buddy dogs. Share this post with your friends!

Source: We Love Animals