Daughter Transforms Mom’s “Boring Braid” Into Something Amazing!

It’s quite easy to get stuck in your habits when it comes to fixing byour hair every morning as you get ready for the day ahead. It’s a convenient reality. Once we find something that works, we really don’t find the need to venture beyond our comfort zone.

But it’s always, always, always better if you do.

Many people are offenders of putting their hair up literally the same exact way every day for the rest of their lives. It’s not because they know it’s their best look possible, it’s just a force of habit that’s incredibly hard to quit!

Braids are are really great and effective way to pull your hair out of your face when necessary but are also a stylish way to give your hair extra character. There are a lot of hairstyles to choose from when it comes to braiding your hair. There are French braids, Dutch braids, fishtail braids, pigtail braids, braids wrapped into crowns, little braids, big braids, and many, many more. Your creativity is the limit. The more experimenting you do with each kind of braid, the more you find more ways to make them even more amazing than they already are!

In fact, one daughter decided to practice a fun twist on a French braid with her mother’s hair, and she discovered a surprisingly simple trick to put more volume into a thinner head of fair. The technique is called a cage braid.

To do the cage braid, all you need is two hair ties and some bobby pins. First, you start with French braiding, and you just progress from there. If you do this right, the hairstyle is so unique and yet so refined that you’ll want to wear this kind of braid everywhere you go.

So what’s your favorite way to braid your hair? Pig tails? French braids? crown braids? It couldn’t hurt to experiment on hairstyles and come out of your go-to hair-do from time to time. Watch the video on the next page!

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Source: Little Things