Employees With New Puppies Get A Week Of Paid Leave From This Brewery

Having a new puppy is a lot like having a little baby. It’s a lot to manage. You need to buy them food and take care of them for a while as they likely won’t want to be left alone. Plus you have to train them like potty training so there won’t be mess inside your home. You need to adjust your schedules just to walk them and bring them to the vet for check-ups. Most of all, you will need time just to play with these balls of fluffs. Those who do not have pets won’t really understand all of this.

However, believe it or not, one brewery understands the situations of new to pups. They know the struggle of their employees and knows the effect it has on their productivity. This is why they offer paid leave to employees who had new puppies.

via Thrillist

BrewDog is a Scotland native but will be opening an Ohio taproom later this year. They aren’t just an ordinary brewery. They are offering a week of paid leave to their employees who got new puppies or rescue dogs. Anyone from their 1,000 employees around the world can take advantage of this one of a kind benefit.

According to BrewDog, they are the first company in United States or United Kingdom to offer this “paw-ternity” benefit. Sure enough, this is just like a rare benefit for a company. Usually, companies will offer benefits that only humans can take advantage.

Although this benefit isn’t really what we call as typical, it may be a smart move for a company that prioritizes their customers and their furry best friends. In the end, they give happiness to their employees and to dogs as well and that’s just one beautiful thing we need in this world. BrewDog is simply making this place happier for humans and our furry friends. Let’s cheers to that!

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Source: Thrillist