Rescuers Save Pregnant Boxer From High-Kill Shelter

It was October 2016 when a heavily pregnant boxer mix was surrendered to a high-kill shelter in western Tennessee. At this shelter, pregnant animals cannot be adopted, and puppies that are born in the shelter will not leave alive. It seemed like the fate of the babies was already sealed before they had ever seen the light of day. Their only chance was a rescue commission. It seemed like the dog knew that she had to wait for better conditions to give birth.

Then the Conway Area Humane Society (CAHS) stepped in and got Mireya, as they called her, out of there. Mireya turned out to be a sweet and loving dog, wanting to cuddle all day long. The staff prepared for the arrival of the puppies, and then the waiting began. Mireya, knowing that she was finally safe, delivered her babies safely after several days. But the staff were in for a surprise: the average litter size for boxers is six – but Mireya gave birth to a total of ten puppies! Watch the video to see how cute they are, and how this little family reached a happy end – for themselves and others as well …

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Source: LittleThings