88-Year-Old Student Gets Birthday Surprise

Blanche Winston, who recently turned 88 years old, is not like any woman of her age. She wants to stay active and independent for as long as possible, and make herself useful in society. In order to do that, she has been taking classes since 2007, partaking in a senior citizen tuition waiver program. As a skill that can help her help others, she decided to learn advanced sign language this semester, and it isn’t an easy project; but her professors and peers think that she is a real inspiration, and treat her with the utmost respect.

So, when her 88th birthday drew near, they wanted to do something special. Blanche herself didn’t place much value on birthday celebrations, but she was about to get a surprise she hadn’t expected – and she was certainly grateful. When the unsuspecting woman walked into her classroom at East Stroudsburg University on her special day, something happened that she won’t forget any time soon! Watch the video to find out what her classmates had prepared for her.

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Source: LittleThings