The Best Type Of Jeans For Your Body Shape

Fashion “fails” happen when clothes do not fit perfectly, color combinations look odd, and the person wearing the clothes feels uncomfortable. Finding the perfect jeans for your body type takes into account two factors – your height and body shape. This article presents different types of jeans for different body figures.

A. High-Waisted

This type of jean is best for women with an hourglass figure. Co-founder of 1denim, Elizabeth Rae, states that a high-waisted jean highlights the curves by cinching in your tiny waist. Co-founder and sister of Elizabeth Rae, Claudia Bae Kye, recommends avoiding overalls or coveralls because they will conceal the curves in the abs area and instead shift the emphasis on the hips. A similar thing happens when an hourglass figure wears flared pants – they will make an excessive number of curves.

B. Straight Cut

It is about grasping and flaunting your small body structure, so maintain a strategic distance from excessively loose styles of jeans. Bootleg or straight-leg dark denim works best in extending your legs and balancing your shoulders and hips. But never be reluctant to experiment. Bae suggests that some lighter shades can add body and develop the illusion of curvier thighs and hips.

C. Boyfriend

The boyfriend type of jeans looks best on pear-shaped bodies. They will balance the knees and the shoulders and look excellent on the hips. The casual fit additionally extends legs in case you are petite. Also, in case you are similar to most thrilling, pear-molded ladies, you most likely know the battle of attempting to discover pants that will fit over your hips and butt without leaving a crevice at the midsection. In this situation, go for high-waisted pants because they will highlight your little abdomen while flattening out the excess.

Like your pear-formed sisters, this type of pants likewise works for those with “classic inverted triangle shape” – wide shoulders and smaller thighs and hips. The spacious fit will streamline and balance the general outline by adding a little mass to your lower body.

D. Flares

Fortunately, you can escape with any style if you are a tall girl. However, Mary Ellen Moschetti, Simply, Parker Smith CEO, suggests being aware of the inseams and knee breaks in the event that they are too high because they can “throw off the fit of the jean.” In addition, in case you are particularly hoping to have greater curves, Bae Kye suggests skirting the excessively tight skinnies and attempting flares.

E. High-waist Skinny

For plus size women, a high-waist skinny will surely look great. Go for a high-waisted thin fit in a stretchable denim with pockets. Moschetti recommends this type of jean for plus size women because this will embrace the curves in all the right spots. Skip inflexible denim, which will not create contours to your body the way a stretchable jean does.

F. Short-Mid Rise

Brazillian butt lifts are famous right now for certain reasons. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj are popular for butt lifts. Bae suggests searching for a short-or medium-rise to liven up a compliment butt. In addition, the long back rise has a tendency to level out the highest point of the butt, bringing about a considerably compliment look.

G. Ultra High-Waist

In case you’re attempting to conceal your midriff, try the ultra-high-waist form of jeans. Moschetti suggests going for stature. An ultra-skyscraper with shaper denim will hold you in and give you the scope you need, smooth you out, and prolong your outline while as still taking into account your comfort.

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