These 18 Blokes Reveal How Bad Is A Bad B-job Is And What Makes It A Buzzkill

This is one of those “OMG” topics that every girl secretly read on their tablets and computers. We have read lots of tips about things to consider before giving that blow. Girls, women, ladyboys, we all know this seem-easy-to-operate limbo is as intimidating AF. Staring down at his unyielding manhood, understanding that in the next few seconds it will be inside your mouth can give that “errr nah” going on in your head. You know what I’m saying?

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Trust me, if every single of us ladies have our egos tied down on a railway thinking about not doing so well. Men, on the other hand also have concerns receiving this pre-BJ woes from us. I mean, who knows how your teeth reacts on his shafts ultra sensitive layer? Well, guys have an all-tell about their bad B-job experiences. Girls, brace yourselves.


“Like getting socks on Christmas Day.”

—Darrel, 24


 “There’s really nothing more tragic than a bad blowjob. There
are a lot of reasons it could be bad but, in the moment, the realization
that you’d rather be changing your oil than receiving the blow job
that’s being thrust upon you is enough to make you question your whole
life, your sexual orientation, whether you left the stove on, everything

— Mark, 26


 “I’ve only had one blowjob that I would say was terrible and it was because she had a tiny, elfin mouth. Like, I had soooo many fantasies about that cute mouth and when the moment came it was like sticking my dick in a pencil sharpener.”

 —Isaiah, 27


“It never fails, girls who say they love giving head the most are always the worst at it. In my experience, the ones that don’t like it have learned how to get it over with quickly but girls who ‘love it’ just like lick on it and stare at you and shit. Please don’t just stare at me and lick my dick. This isn’t a staring contest.”

—Marvin, 21 


“Usually when it’s bad, bad, bad it’s related to teeth being used. I’m not sure how a girl can’t tell when she’s banging her teeth with some dick, I’m really not. I mean, you brush your teeth, right? You know when the brush is hitting your teeth, you can feel it. I don’t understand this.”

—Scott, 22


“A little enthusiasm is pretty necessary. The worst ones I’ve had were given by girls who seemed to be trying to seem bored so that I’d ask them to stop. Wish granted!”

—Howard, 24

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 “A lot of girls do not understand how a penis works at all. They don’t know where it’s sensitive or where it isn’t sensitive. I’ve had a few girls just lick my shaft over and over and then look at me and ask ‘do you like that?’ I mean, no, you aren’t doing anything that feels particularly good. This woman was literally 30 years old. There’s no hope for her ever being good at it.”

—Bret, 28


“Some blowjobs hurt but some have just been annoying. I hooked up with one girl who was obsessed with not getting hair in her mouth and would stop every few seconds to like make sure there wasn’t any getting in there. I’m like, my genitals are mostly covered in hair, maybe it’s the male body you actually don’t like. Anyway, a blowjob has to have flow and stopping every few seconds to sort of complain about hair destroys the experience.”

—Josh, 25


“I don’t mean to be mean because I will always appreciate a girl being willing to blow me but there have been a few that were really ruined by the girl absolutely not listening to what I said I liked and I don’t even mean anything weird. I just mean basic stuff like ‘use your hands.’”

—Nathan, 22


“Okay, I’m going to give your readers the real deal. Ladies, if you don’t swallow or do something dirty with the cum then we’re going to be disappointed. Jacking us off in your hand or on our own stomachs after a joyous blowjob is just about the most high school thing ever.”

—David, 27


“Here’s what happened:

Me: ‘Spit on it more.’
Her: ‘I don’t like when there’s a lot of spit everywhere.’
Me: ‘It will make it wetter though.’
Her: ‘Yeah, but it’s gross.”

She then proceeded to slowly tear the skin off my dick for five minutes until I asked her to stop.”

—Karl, 24


“Um, if you can’t deepthroat then don’t force yourself to try. Had one girl do this and it clearly hurt her throat terribly. It hurt my dick terribly too but she wouldn’t stop trying aaaaand eventually she vomited on me.

What a great evening that turned out to be.”

—Joey, 25

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“I dated one girl for a few months and the first time she gave me head I literally wondered if she’d ever done it before. I understand first times are always nervous so I thought things would get better. They never did. She insisted on always doing this stupid thing where she’d poke the inside of her cheek with my dick. I guess this was supposed to be a visual thing but it didn’t do anything for me and she refused to stop doing it. It was like she was more interested in posing with my dick for some nonexistent camera than actually getting me off.”

—Rob, 26


“My main complaint is women with heavy hands who don’t seem to know how hard or light they’re squeezing and who seem completely unaware that they have back teeth. Seriously, think about it, what if I just alternated gnawing your nipples and sucking them while slapping your tits? Would that be an experience you’d be excited to have?”

—Alvin, 28


“The thing most likely to make a blowjob mediocre and forgettable or even unpleasant is the notion that some women have that there’s no wrong way to give a blowjob and that guys are just so lucky to receive them. I’ve received blowjobs from dozens of women. The only ones I remember were where the lady cared about whether or not it felt good.”

—Nicholas, 30


 “Just swallow, I almost don’t care what else you do. Just do that and I’ll be happy. Sorry, I don’t have a lot else to add.”

—Dirk, 20


“Blowjobs are where you figure out whether or not you have a selfish lover. If she doesn’t like to give them because of the taste then you’ve probably got a dead fish on your hands. I figure there’s a lot of reasons not to like giving blowjobs but after going down on my fair share of women just days removed from their menses, without complaint I might add, ‘I don’t like the taste of your very clean dick’ becomes a weak excuse.”

—Rick, 29


“Don’t use your teeth. Do incorporate your hand or hands. Do get it wet. Don’t stop a lot. Most girls have this stuff all figured out but it seems like a lot of those that don’t simply do not care to do it right.”

—Jason, 27

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