The Most Perfectly Timed Photographs Of All Time

Taking pictures of random things have been the latest craze. With the emergence of phones with better picture quality, it seemed like people are channeling the inner photographer in them. Photography is also considered as a form of art. It is one way where the person who took the picture can express their thoughts and feelings. That is why it is no wonder that these pictures made it to our list.

Double Take

Have you ever seen an object posing the same way as the portrait in the background? If not, then these sleepy dog is the cure to that dilemma. We are still not sure if the picture behind the dog is, in fact, the same pup but it really does look the same. Look at him yawn with the same curvy tongue.

Butterfly Eyes

Butterflies are beautiful to look at. Their wings have that magnificent color and design that many photographers are fascinated with them. But this picture is really exceptional. That is because this lady made it a point that the circle on the butterflies wing was made to be her eyes. Yes, they got the picture just at the right time. Luckily the butterfly was still or it might have ruined the picture.

Zeus Power Reached Lady Liberty

This picture makes you think if the thunder god had a thing for lady liberty. If you take a look at the picture it would seem like the thunder came down from the sky to light the torch of lady liberty. Yep, our imagination is running wild. But these image is taken at the right place and at the right time.

Alien Swimmer

Photography can really mess with our brain. Well, this image will make you think if aliens really do exist. The picture was taken during a swimming competition. As the swimmer was about to emerge from the water to take a breather, this picture came up. It would seem like the swimmer has an oval head just like an alien and the face is unrecognizable.

Is This The Opposite Of A Centaur?

Centaurs are known to have a human head and torso but horse legs. Well, this picture was the opposite. When taken at the right angle and right timing, the picture showed a man having the head of a horse with the body of the uniformed man. The image looks hilarious. Hopefully, the horse beside him did not mind the confusion.

Dog With A long Hair

Of course, we have already seen dogs on dog show with gorgeous long locks but this image takes the cake. The owner of the dog was happily waiting to catch a fish for the day. But instead of catching fish the photographer caught this funny picture. I think it would be best if your hair color will not match the fur of your lovely pets. It is safer that way.

Water Veil

This is a very cute picture. You can see the look of the kid excitingly waiting for the water to drop on his head. But right before it did happen, this picture was taken. It would look like the kid had a water veil placed on the head. It seemed like the picture was taken on a hot summer day and this kid is having a great time.

Whale Watching 3D

Dolphin watching and whale watching is a really nice outdoor activity but what if these really big creatures are right before your eyes? Well, you can see in the picture that both the person in the picture are either shocked and could not move or fascinated and amazed. Whatever their reactions may be, seeing a group of the whale right in front of you will be an experience you will never forget.

Pirate Eyes

Why do pirates always have a parrot right by their side? I’m not really sure as well but this image may give you an idea why. This man took a photo of himself with his other eye covered by the head of a parrot. Yep, his other eye is the parrot’s eye and boy does it look the same.

Half Man, Half Woman

This is one funny illusion. A bartender was busily handing out drinks to his patron when a lovely lady came in to ask for a drink. The bartender was behind a bar with a glass panel right below. So what happened is that when the picture was taken, the lower part of the bartender’s body reflected that of the lady in a blue pencil skirt and black heels. Yes, it looks hilarious.

Poor Dog

The eyes of this dog need to be checked. He had mistaken a drawing on a wall as a real dog! He was busily sniffing the rear part of the drawn dog when the picture was taken. Somebody give this dog an eyeglass so that it can see the truth behind the drawing.

Water Pool By the Road

A bus was passing by a road that has a pool of water. It seemed like the drainage was broken or already full and the water did not subside and the flood was overflowing. That was when the photographer catches this sneaky picture. The side of the bus had an advertisement plastered of two people sliding on water and yes, the flood made it look all too realistic.

Charlie Chaplin Hat On Big Head

The picture was taken on the subway when the photographer had nothing better to do. So in an instant, he caught a picture of a man right across him busily playing with his gadget with a small hat right above his head. It would seem like the hat was just a sticker on the window and it did not go well with his outfit.

Peeping Monkey

This monkey is having a great day. Not only was the monkey seating beside a fair lady, he also caught a glimpse of the lady’s legs after her skirt was blown by the wind. Talk about luck being on the monkey’s side. But joking aside, why does the monkey look sleepy in this image? Well, you can have a look at the image and make your own conclusion.

Dog Spitting Fire

You thought you have seen it all. But have you ever seen a family dog spitting fire for a lazy barbecue? This picture will make you wonder. Is this a hybrid of a dragon and a dog? It seemed that way but if there really is such a dog, it would be very useful during camping and the cold weather. They can really keep you warm during this time.

In The Face Of Demise

This fish really is in a tight situation. Have you ever thought of how it would be like when you are face to face with your prey? This fish literally took the bait and faced a weary future. Hopefully, the person who captured this picture did not get any nightmares right after seeing the whole scenario. It would quite hard if you think about it.

A New Kind Of Ramp

Airplanes are meant to be at the airport while cars are on the road. But this picture was kind of messed up. It is not every day that you get to see an airplane deck up on a bridge; of all places. Yes, that’s right. The airplane looked like a kite tangled on the wires of the bridge. What happened? We can only imagine because the image is a horrific one. I wonder where the passengers could have gone.

Shark Trapped Under The Water

Sharks are one scary fish and their great sharp teeth can rip you into pieces. The first thought that came into my mind after seeing the picture is how far the photographer was to the fish. You can literally see the razor sharp teeth so clear in the picture. But what is fascinating is how the image looked like the shark is trying to get out of the bubble of water.

Water Drop

If you have a fear of heights, then this image will not be good for you. This picture shows a man being hit by a what seem like a water hose. Because of the extreme pressure, the man was thrown off down to the water. Yes, it is a very wet situation. He got hit by a water hose and got dropped into the water as well. His buddies seemed to enjoy the view.

Cat Love

Love is in the air for these cats, well maybe it’s in their tails. I am not sure if these feline friends had an instant connection with their tails or they have been long time lovers but they sure know how to make a heart flutter. They just instantaneously made a heart out of their two tales. It really looked amazing.

Science Explosion

Science experiments are one of the subjects that I really look forward to in school. It’s the excitement of putting theories into action that makes it so exciting. The picture shown reflects the excitement on the kid’s expression. They are having a good time playing with a bottle of cola and some Mentos I believe. Too excited that one of the kids is about to get his face washed with the cola.

Fish Head On Camera

This picture was taken just at the right time. The guy must be enjoying himself swimming along with the fish when his buddy took the shot. Too bad it was taken when a fish wanted to be in the center of the attention. Too center that he covered the face of the guy and replaced it with its head. This picture looks hilarious. Have you ever seen a merman anyone?

Miracle Dog Above Water

And we thought we have seen it all. But wait until you see this. It is a dog looking like it is walking right above the water, well, it seems to be running right above it. But whatever the case may be, the photographer captured the picture in such a way that you can even see the splash of water on the dog’s feet.

Extraordinary Cat With longs Body

This cat is playing with our mind, or maybe the picture is. As you can see, the cat looked like he had a very long body as it is trapped in a cylindrical tube. It could either be that they are twin cats playing a trick on us or this cat really has a long torso. But whatever the reason may be, this picture will make your day better.

Concentrating Dog

This dog had his eyes on the catch. He is so focused that you can see his eyes wide open and look at the red object right in front of him. The picture shows how competitive this dog is. He wants to make sure that he gets the prize. Hopefully, his owner will do give him a sumptuous meal for his achievement.

Playing With Bubble.

Yes, this kid is enjoying playing with bubble. But it is no ordinary bubble, it is quite a big one and this kid is having a good time popping them. That is why when the picture was taken you can see that the kid closed his eyes as the bubble was about to pop. The rainbow color reflected on the sunlight as it hits the bubble, it gives off a warm color in the area.

Spot The Difference

This officer must have woken up early. He seemed pretty sleepy and yawned during formation. Too bad his yawn was captured at the wrong time. Everyone around him is concentrating with a straight while he was busily yawning the day away. I wonder if the guy on his left saw what happened that’s why he made that face.

A Big Splash

The background scene seems better than the main one. This random guy wanted a photo of himself with the pool as the background but what will transpire at the back will be a big splash. A lady at the back seemed like she is leaning on her back towards the pool and it is quite clear that she will definitely fall. Hopefully, her friends have some dry towel on hand.

Picturesque View

This picture shows quite a view. You can see the mountains in the background that is being mirrored by the river. It looked like a painting with the sunlight slowly creeping in towards the right. The man on the picture who seemed to float mid-air and about to touch the water.

I Thought This Only Happen In Movies

The stork in the picture seemed like it is delivering this baby girl to her new parents. This scene is common in cartoon movies when stork brings a baby wrapped in a cloth. Well, this may be a trick of the camera but we can’t deny that this image is really good and taken at the right time.

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