Stressed-Out Mother Tells Friend About Problems And Gets Surprised

When you are expecting a new baby, there’s a lot that needs doing. You have to prepare for the birth, plan all sorts of events from maternity photoshoots to baby showers, buy things the baby will need, and so on. When you already have children, you need to prepare them for a new sibling, and continue taking care of them on top of everything else. That’s when you appreciate all the help you can get, and all the friends you have.

When Abby Murphy was pregnant with her youngest child, she had so much to do that she felt totally unprepared for the birth. She couldn’t find the time to accomplish all the tasks on her growing to-do list, because her older children kept her occupied. She needed a vent for all the stress that was weighing her down, so she told an online friend about her problems. She did not, however, expect what happened two days later …

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Two days after the conversation, she opened the door to find a baby car seat on her front porch – one of the many things she still needed to buy for the new baby. She postet a picture online and it quickly received a lot of attention.

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In the next accompanying the picture, she expressed her thankfulness: To those who say the village is dead: This is a car seat. It arrived on my porch this afternoon. Approximately two days after venting to a dear friend. A friend I have never met in person. One of those “online” friends people scoff at us moms for having and relying on.

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A friend who has offered and provided meals when my child was hospitalized, a friend who was ready to get on a plane to help me when I was in tears, 7 months pregnant, trying to move my family cross-country. A friend who’s offered an ear too many times to count, when I’ve been overwhelmed with my middle daughter’s Autism diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

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A friend I have never met. A friend who has gone above and beyond so many times. One of those “online” friends. She listened to me as I listed off how unprepared I was for the imminent arrival of the newest member of our family. How I still needed to get out the baby things, organize and wash clothes, find a babysitter, get a car seat, get a clue in general.

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And here, two days later, arrives a car seat. Not because I couldn’t or wouldn’t eventually get it myself. Because she saw a need, and a way to alleviate one check on an overwhelmed mom’s long list of to-do’s. This is more than a car seat to me. It will forever be a reminder that there are really good people out there: people who care, people who go above and beyond. My village.

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Friends like these make your life truly better, and it doesn’t matter if they’re an online friend or not. Share this post with your friends!

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